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Fallen Star

Spring, 1222.

The magi travel to the site of the fallen star to investigate. The lake is rumoured to contain a cursed town that was flooded long ago, and they find a few ghosts about the place, who are vainly trying to empty the lake of water.

In the middle of the lake is a large rock which is still warm to the touch. At Noon every day, a hole opens in the top to expose the gateway to a regio of the Magic realm for two minutes. Inside, they encounter some fire elementals who guard the path to their 'father'. The magi convince the elementals to let them pass, and they prepare for their foray further into the regio.

Making their further into the regio, Antonius and Joan are forced to turn back by the heat. Alicia rushes forwards however, and comes to a large cavern with a bridge over a fiery pit. Beyond it is another tunnel which is even hotter, and in the middle is a huge fire elemental. She is overcome by a vision though, seemingly caused by a black tetrahedron that floats at the centre of the cavern.

The elemental was lured here by a tricksy one, who used the tetrahedron as bait. It is pure fire, but not fire, and brought him down here, trapping him in this cold, wet and slow place. Alicia thinks that there are other shapes like this, one for each of the elements, and that they are a key to unlock time, or something.

Removing the tetrahedron, the magi leave and the Elemental is able to go home. On the way out, the magi take gemstones and crystals of ignem vis from the cavern. Though the far tunnel closes, the small regio inside the rock seems to remain for the next day at least.

Taking the tetrahedron home, Videnaeci determines that the object has a resistance of at least ten orders of magnitude, and he is unable to divine anything about it. The magi claim the fallen rock as a covenant vis source, but decide to keep the tetrahedron secret for now.

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