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As reported by Justinia ex Mercere

The maga of Nigrum Turris covenant in Loch Leglean are seeking original tractatus on Herbam. They are willing to exchange tractatus or spells in other Hermetic arts.

The Archbishop Stephan Langton has held a council at Osney, near Oxford, to codify Church Law in England.

Johan Sverkersson, King of Sweden, has died. The throne has gone to the six year old Erik Eriksson.

John III Doukas Vatatzes becomes Byzantine Emperor of Nicaea. There is opposition to his rule however, which is being supported by the Latin Emperor of Constantinople. There is bound to be war, which will weaken the Christian power base in the Holy Land.

Lombard Covenant in Hibernia wishes to report that the maga Dubh ex Flambeau has been murdered. Her body was found bereft of spirit and with sigils carved into her flesh, some of which were Hermetic in nature. If anyone has any knowledge of who or what may have committed this heinous crime then please could they share it with either the covenant, or Quaesitor Octavius of Vigil.

Agustin ex Bonisagus of World’s End covenant in Hibernia wishes to know if anyone has any information on the star that fell in the north of Stonehenge over the winter. If anyone is or was able to recover it, or has observations about its fall, then he would be most interested in details.


As reported by Joan of Leeds ex Mercere

A Tribunal was held at Voluntas in Stonehenge. There were many magi attending, far more than would normally be expected for Stonehenge. The magus Wulfson ex Miscellanea was marched, and the magi Lucius and Lucretia ex Flambeau successfully hunted him down and slew him.

King Haakon of Norway sent a fleet to Iceland to make good on his promise to bring that island under the control of Norway. With his men went wizards of the Order of Odin. A huge storm came out of nowhere and smashed many of their boats, targeting those that carried wizards. Those that made it ashore were slain. The defence is led by Sonjar, a warrior woman who after her victory declares herself to be Queen of Iceland.

There is a new star in the sky. The star has a great tail behind it, and moves across the sky, getting closer with each passing night. There are those that say it prophesies doom and pestilence, but for whom it cannot be said. Many peasants are spending their praying to God rather than tending their fields, for they believe that the world is due to end.

Giant footprints have been left in the ground near the roads to Leeds, as if some great creature had been striding alongside the road. There were strange flowers growing in the depressions by morning. The people near about claim that several sets of prints have been left over the previous months.

King Andrew II of Hungary signs the Golden Bull, which limits the powers of the King to raise taxes from the nobility or to force them to go to war, and allows them to disobey him if he breaks the law.

The new covenant of Flame of Night has been created in Stonehenge Tribunal by two Flambeau magi Lucius and Lucretia.


As reported by Alfred of Gloucester ex Mercere

The new star fades away, its hairy tail eventually shrinking to nothing. What events it signified is not known, but Astrolabe ex Jerbiton of Schola Pythagoranis has set down a treatise on the subject of such things, and is willing to share with those interested.

There is a pestilence in Wales, which strikes down rich and poor alike. It seems to have begun on the West coast, and spread inland. There is hope that the Winter will drive the evil humors back into the sea.

Rumours of a powerful spirit awakening in the highlands of Loch Leglean have reached the ears of the covenants there. Horsingas believe that it is the faeries behind the assault on them last Winter.

Wulfengard ex Miscellanea was probably slain by his filia Loria. Ingrat ex Merinita has performed some investigation of the area around where they were thought to be based, and has found no sign of anything indicating diabolism.

The diabolic presence in the village of Lower Scratching has been dealt with. A demon had been trapped in the church by someone, and it had attracted minor demons which corrupted the village. There is a high degree of certainty that it was the responsibility of a non-Hermetic magus, and that they perished sometime after capturing the demon.

The maga Phessallia ex Merinita seems to have a desire to extend her power base. She can be talkative when she is gloating, and at the Tribunal she let slip to Ainya ex Merinita that she was seeking to dominate all the covenants of Stonehenge. You should be wary of her.


As reported by Quinton ex Mercere

There was a ghostly singing voice haunting the Irish Sea a day after we sailed from Dublin. We were unable to determine the source of the voice, though it appeared to emanate from the sea itself. None of us on board the ship were able to determine the language being used, assuming that it was a language.

There was talk of strange magi on the Isle of Man when we stopped there to weather a storm. We did not find out their names, or their natures, but from the second hand accounts and vague rumours it would seem there is a possibility that their magic could be based on the sacrifice of animals.

Clorinda ex Tremere of Cathair covenant was asking if anyone had any books of any types, preferably of Corpus or Perdo, of second magnitude or above, or Tractatus for the same. They have a copy of a similar quality book about Rego, which they are willing to trade copies of.

Magus Corvus ex Bjornaer of Voluntas covenant has died. He was old and ill (though correlation does not imply causation), and didn’t survive the winter.

Strange longships have been seen off the north coast of Ireland. As far as it is known, none have landed on the coast despite the strong winds and wild seas.

Visions of strange lands have been observed in the Western Ocean over the past few years. They are mostly seen in summer, when the air is warm, and the current hypothesis is that they are images of faraway lands.

Crun Clach covenant in Loch Leglean has been reported as destroyed. The last surviving grog told that Seamus an Cat ex Miscellanea and the filia of Caitlin Suil Caine ex Merinita were the last magi alive, and they were taken by air spirits that had been plaguing the covenant for some months.

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