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Summer 1222

There is a surprisingly large turnout, with both Blackthorn and Voluntas having stirred up interest amongst the magi of Stonehenge.

Ainya ex Merinita of Blackthorn is made Praeco.

The maga Umbrial ex Miscellanea is cleared of any wrongdoing for her killing of the magi Loria ex Miscellanea.

Wulfson ex Miscellanea is marched for interference with mundanes, and causing danger for other members of the Order.

It is agreed to try and obtain a Royal Charter for the Redcaps of Stonehenge, to give them free passage in England. There has been trouble with Redcaps being harassed by officials, so an official writ from the King would make their life a lot easier. Antonius ex Jerbiton volunteers to take responsibility for obtaining such a thing.

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