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Arthur, King of the Gnomes

Summer, 1222

Several of the magi of Cruentis Petram decide to explore one of the caves near to their covenant. Voluntas has started claiming vis sources close to them, so there is a need for them to lay claim to their territory quickly.

The cave system is guarded by a small, wingless wyrm (or a 'crocodile', according to Umbriel) which they manage to defeat. Beyond it, they find a large stalactite above a pool, which appears to have been broken several times. They are met by a squad of 'gnomes', dressed as Roman Legionnaires, who claim they are defending their kingdom, and that the stalactite is a cursed knight, Lancelot. They serve under their King, Arthur.

Exploring the underground kingdom, the magi locate Arthur, who is an old gnome, guarded by gnomish knights in crude plate armour. They are met by Merlin, who appears to be cognizant faerie who understands the nature of the story that this faerie realm is playing out. There is a curse on the kingdom caused by Lancelot's and Guinevere's betrayal of their king. He also says that he has noticed an outside influence that is possibly corrupting the realm.

The magi decide not to try and interfere with the faerie kingdom and the story that is playing out, but come to an agreement with this Merlin to share stories for goods in the future.

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