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Umbriel's Story

Spring, 1223

Antonius ex Jerbiton travels back to Jerbiton to dig around, and discovers that there are a couple of women there who are heavily pregnant. He discovers from them that the name of the power that they summoned in their ritual was Golab.

Umbriel ex Miscellanea flies north to Loch Leglean, to investigate Crun Clach covenant. She meets a guide named Wee Angus who helps her find the place. Alicia is then able to bring up some of the other magi with magic.

At the ruins of Crun Clach are two magi from Loch Hourn covenant - Roy of Stirling ex Miscellanea and Tavish ex Flambeau. Loch Hourn seem to have already emptied the place of anything useful. Nevertheless, they team up and after fighting off a small air elemental find the windswept hill where the air elements seem to be based. The elements had come here, displaced from their original home, though they do not wish to speak of what it was that drove them out.

They had expected to find an old faerie Lady here, but instead found a group of annoying flesh things that made too much noise. Aine is still here, alive, but Seamus an Cat was killed when he fought them. The elements agree to let Aine go, as long as the magi and their kin don't bother them any more.

Umbriel then heads further north to find her paren at Nordsjoen, whilst the others return back to Cruentis Petram.

Umbriel, Antonious and Alicia travel to the faerie realm of Merlin and Arthur to collect vis, and Umbriel tells them about what she has discovered on her recent travels.

Umbriel and Antonius travel to Kettlewell with Moss and some of the grogs to investigate the beast that has been attacking cattle. They track the beast to a cave which leads into a forest in a magical regio.

The beast, a large ape-like creature over 4m tall, drops down in front of the cave exit. It bellows at them, knocking many of them down with the force of its voice. Despite the strong aura, Antonius is unable to affect it with his magic. Moss and Drogo lead the shield grogs against it, and they are able to inflict minor wounds upon it, but that is all.

The beast then thumps the ground, and causes the ground to shift and buckle, knocking everyone off their feet and badly injuring them. Umbriel alone is unaffected, and casts a spell against it, creating noxious vapours which drive it back. It flees into the forest, and she quickly changes into a bird and chases after it.

The others check their injuries and begin building some defences in case it returns. Antonius casts an illusion of Moss to make him look like Drogo, to try and confuse the creature should it return.

Following the beast from above the trees, Umbriel can see that the forest is about a league across, and beyond it is only sky. The beast arrives at a pool, and stops to drink and lick its wounds. Whilst it rests, Umbriel summons up a great wind to rip up a tree and drop it on the creature. She misses, and drops the tree into the pool. It erupts in a flash of silver as a creature shoots out of it, directly at Umbriel. She tries to dodge, flying back into the trees and hearing a great roar and feeling the scorching heat of flames at her back.

Hiding for a bit, she returns to see the beast standing with a naked silver haired woman. She is beautiful though very exotic in appearance, her proportions being not quite human.

Umbriel heads back to the cave to report to the others.

Antonius casts another illusion on Moss, changing him to look like a woman. Moss is not pleased with this, and demands that he is changed back. Finding it amusing, Antonius casts another spell, but loses control of the magic, and Moss only changes to be green. Moss is getting very angry, so Antonius tries to calm him with another spell to make him prefer the female form. Again he loses control of the magic, and Moss goes berserk, drawing his sword and nearly cutting Antonius in two before anyone else can act.

Umbriel calls a lightning strike against Moss, incapacitating him. Checking Antonius, they find him to be dead.

They take Moss and Antonius back to the pool since Umbriel believes that it may have healing properties. The woman appears there, and tells them that they have disturbed her and her gaoler. She tells them to leave before they do more harm. Umbriel convinces her to let the others drink at the pool, which does revive them somewhat. Drogo convinces her not to try and restore Moss however. The woman tells them that her name is Arisha.

They head back to the cave, and after some convincing from Drogo, Umbriel finishes off Moss. He believes that having him alive would complicate things, and possibly harm morale if the tale of what actually happened here were to get out amongst the coven folk. The grog David is made to swear to not say a word of things.

Umbriel destroys Moss’ body, then does her best to take down the cave entrance on the outside of the region. They then head back to the covenant with the body of Antonius.

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