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As reported by Joan of Leeds ex Mercere

Mongol armies have defeated the Rus at the Battle of Kalka River. Though they first fled from the Rus armies, they regrouped and defeated their pursuers, killing many Rus princes just north of the Sea of Azov.

Genghis Khan pushed further into Persia. There is fear that he will reach Constantinople and from there into Europe. There is rumour that he has powerful Goetic Sorcerers on his side.

Whilst at Kettlewell, I heard talk of a strange beast that had been witnessed taking cattle. The shepherd said that it was the shape of a man, but hunched over and ran on four limbs like a beast. There were no signs of it in the morning, except for tracks which the farmers dared not follow.

Fearghus Mac Mungan ex Miscellanea of Mac Gruagach covenant in Loch Leglean seeks knowledge of dragons, and will pay well for summa or tractatus on the subject.

A longbow and jousting competition will be held at Kettlewell in July of this year. It is expected that a number of nobles will be attending.

King Haakon of Norway is finding it difficult to maintain control of his kingdom. There is much dissatisfaction with his rule after his defeat at Iceland, and many of his Jarls are talking about rebellion. There is talk that Iceland will invade, and many of Norways best warriors and wizards have been lost.

The Covenant of Ungulus has uncovered an ancient site populated by the spirits of the damned. It was located in a hill near Lake Windermere, and has been explored by Sawel ex Miscellanea and Flavius ex Miscellanea. They have not said what they found there, but they have claimed it for their Covenant.


As reported by Peter the Bard ex Mercere

Phillip Augustus of France has died, leaving his son Louis to take the throne. He is likely to be an aggressive monarch, and immediately began gathering an army to use against the Holy Roman Empire.

There is a beautiful noble lady in the manor of Loidis. She has the fairest skin and the deepest blue eyes which contain within them a hint of fay blood. She has lain her charms on all the men of the place who will seem to do anything to hear her laughter, for it is the most enchanting sound I have heard in many a year.

Otto IV has marched on France with the armies of the Holy Roman Empire. His army met those of King Louis VIII at Maubeuge, and there was a fierce day long battle in which the forces of King Louis were driven back. However, the Roman army suffered such heavy losses that they were unable to continue their march into France, and so turned back.

The bloody remains of a body has been found on a cross near the village of Foxhill, about 6 miles from Cruentis Petram. It is of a local man who went missing a few days prior to being found.

King Henry III has ordered the construction of a fleet to help defend England from attack. It is not yet known from what direction he fears an attack might come, and the barons are unwilling to provide funds.

Kybella ex Tytalus of Exspectatio covenant in Normandy is seeking advanced summa or tractatus on Mentem, or high magnitude spells on the control, warding and destruction of spirits.

Alexander DuQuill ex Verditius of Doissetep Covenant is seeking information on any fallen stars that may have been recovered in previous years, especially if any unusual artifacts have been found within them. He will pay well for any information.


As reported by Justinia ex Mercere

Adalricus Ambrosius has sent out an invite to the greatest artists of Europe to join him in Italy where he will provide generous patronage. He is known to the Order as a friend of House Jerbiton in the Rome Tribunal, and wishes to build the greatest collection of original art.

King Louis VIII of France passes a law that forbids anyone to record debts owed to Jews, in an attempt to prevent usury. Theobold IV, the Count of Champagne, has refused to agree to this, since he gains much income from taxing the Jews.

Otto IV orders the execution of one hundred of his knights for their failure at Maubeuge. A trial is held for them, where they are refused the right to reply in their defence. They are then hung and their bodies burnt. His armies are to be led by mercenaries from the East.

Iceland has invaded Norway, and defeated all the armies that were sent against them. There is little information coming out of Norway at the moment, though there is a rumour that King Haakon has been slain.

The covenants of Horsingas and Nigrum Turris in Loch Leglean have slain the spirit of the great dragon Ban Nathair at Uamh Tom a’Mhor-fir. The dragon had been woken by hedge wizards who had slain his faerie guardians. It was faeries and spirits fleeing his might who had inflicted damage on magi in the Tribunal. The surviving wizard who originally disturbed him, Rubrum Aquila ex Miscellanea, is sought.


As reported by Sachsenross ex Mercere

On Christmas Day, a headless body was found in Westminster Abbey next to the alter. This has caused one hell of a ruckus, with the Abbey being immediately closed for purification. It is not known who the body was of, or who placed it there.

A great serpent was seen in the English Sea by sailors. They reckoned it was the length of three ships, and had spines along its back that were taller than a mast. It swam around their ship several times, then dived beneath the waves.

The Baltic sea freezes over, and there are tales of armies of undead marching across the sea from Finland into Estonia. It is only the tales of the pagans however, and the Brotherhood of the Sword report seeing nothing out of the ordinary.

There are giant fey wolves running wild upon the hills in Wharfedale. Some have taken sheep and cattle from the local farmers, and one peasant has said that she saw little men riding upon the backs of the wolves.

The Covenant of Nocta Flamma is empty. I visited there before coming here, and there was no sign of any of the magi or covenfolk. I did not see any sign of a fight, the place simply looks like everyone has up and left.

Matilda ex Miscellanea is missing, and her cottage has burnt down. It looks like whatever happened did so a few weeks ago, and there were no obvious clues as to what had occurred.

There were bandits on the southern roads, clubbing travellers and such, not that there were many of them this time of year. There is a feeling of unrest however, and people are less friendly than they used to be.

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