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The Crucified Man

Autumn, 1223

The magi head to Foxhill to investigate the crucified man. Whilst Umbriel, Drogo and Angus head to the local church, the rest seek the crucifixion site.

The cross has been chopped down. Nearby are some bloody bowls, the sacrificed carcass of a sheep and a crudely drawn bloody circle. There is also a scruffy looking raven watching them. The raven speaks to them, and names itself as Zephon, but is shy about giving details of who or what it is. It saw what happened here, in that a man crucified another but performed no rituals. Instead he set things out to look like a ritual had been performed. Zephon also saw that the man was being ridden by a demon. He had recognised the demon as Nithael the Great Leveller, who tries to bring about the downfall of the powerful through pride and corruption.

At the church, they gain access to the body, and discover that the word “Diedne” had been carved into his chest. Speaking to his spirit, there does not seem to be any unusual that would mark the man as a target, except that he was out alone at the time.

At the hill, Columbanus casts Demon's Eternal Oblivion upon the raven, which has no effect. They convince it to seek out the possessed man, finding him in the village fields working on the harvest. Catching up with him, the magi draw attention to themselves and Vladimir uses magic in front of them defending himself. The villagers run, screaming about witches.

Columbanus drives out the demon, but is unable to destroy it.

The magi head back to the covenant before any more trouble can be caused. It is thought that the demon may have been seeking revenge for their intervention the previous year, by causing trouble. If correct, it may have succeeded.

The raven Zephon follows them back to the covenant, though is unable to get through the Aegis.

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