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The White Tower

Winter, 1223

The magi briefly visit Nordsjoen covenant on the Shetland Islands to speak with Einar ex Miscellanea about Alicia's vision, to see whether it is associated with Pagan mythology. After some discussion, Alicia mentions an older vision she had, which had the same two girls on thrones and wearing crowns.

They link the girls potentially with the younger sisters of King Henry III. Their mother had gone missing shortly before their father, King John, had gone insane and died in 1216, shortly after the Long Day. He had been buried in a secret, unconsecrated, location. The legend of Melusine (who was said to be a daughter of Satan, and from whom the Angevin Kings of England are descended) was also mentioned.

Alicia tries to check this out, and travels down to London with Wee Angus to try and catch a look at Isabella and Eleanor - the young sisters of King Henry.

On reaching London, she soon hears that there has been a terrible murder at Westminster Abbey. A headless body had been found there on Christmas morning. Asking around, they discover that the body is still being held at the White Tower.

Angus convinces the guards at the Tower that his mistress' husband is missing, and that she wants to see if she can identify the body. Alicia gets to see the body, and manages to grab an arcane connection. At this point a young man arrives with several more guards. After telling his little sister to leave, he demands to know who the woman is.

Alicia is forced to kneel, and to address the King properly. As she tells him her cover story, she feels something touch against her Parma Magica. The King tells her to leave, and wishes her good luck in finding her husband.

Alicia is followed after leaving, but manages to get away from London unseen.

After returning to the covenant, they try to locate the body via the arcane connection, but find that it has since been given a Christian burial and that its spirit is no longer reachable.

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