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Summer, 1225

The magi head to Ungulus covenant to enquire about the fire breathing hound that was seen in Lancaster a few months ago. They guess that it was the familiar of Sawel ex Miscellanea, and Sawel confirms it. He claims that the covenant's grogs were attacked by ruffians whilst in the city, and his familiar helped defend them. Ungulus covenant is in a high magical aura and it is obvious that their grogs have been affected by this.

They then take a ship down the coast to Maidenhead, and across land to Libellus covenant in order to meet with Justin ex Tremere. Quaesitor Columbanus questions him about the magus Galvius, seeking further details about his actions before confronting the hedge wizard.

Justin, who seems to be from Transylvania judging by his accent, says that he sent his letter to Columbanus rather than Quaesitor Fredegisa because he does not have a good relationship with her, and felt that Columbanus would view his complaints more fairly.

The magi finish their discussions with Justin ex Tremere at Libellus covenant and head to Rugby to investigate the hedge wizard Galvius ex Miscellanea. The gentle gifted Umbriel ex Miscellanea heads into the town with a grog to find out what the gossip is. Questioning the local smith, as well as rumours of a dragon in Norway she finds out that there is a wizard up in the Keep who is working with the Baron. He has used magic against the villagers, and one of the serving girls in the keep says that there is blood over the walls and floor of his room.

Moving on to the Church, the local priest offers them a place to stay for the night, though warns them that they would be better off heading down the road to the next village. Strange shadowy creatures are sometimes seen to roam the town at night, and they should stay in the church.

Heading back to the others, they decide to investigate at night at see whether they can see anything. Alicia ex Criamon tries to put up a ward against spirits and falls into Twilight for a short while, but she recovers before night fall somewhat shaken from the experience.

That night everyone has locked themselves away into their cottages. Alicia spots a child sized spirit, though it has the form of a crippled old man. It demands to know their business, and wants to know if they are here to kill the man in the tower. He has captured the spirit, and taken parts of it to feed himself. He has other spirits he has dragged in, which do his bidding through fear.

Whilst discussing how to proceed (with much telling Shale that destroying the keep is not currently an option), some lights come on in the top floor of the keep. Umbriel takes wing and flies up to investigate, hearing voices as some guards are commanded to drive off the intruders.

Two guards head out in search of the magi, who do not try to hide themselves. When Shale presents himself, the guards are somewhat shaken and realise trying to threaten won't work. They are convinced to provide information about Galvius, and also confirm that he has used magic against the villagers for the Baron, but they think he has ensorcelled the Baron and his wife. Umbriel is then bitten on the ankle by a small creature with wings and horns. It cannot penetrate her magical protections, and tries to fly off. Columbanus tries a demon killing spell against it, and it is destroyed. The magi decide to confront Galvius. Alicia puts the occupants of the keep to sleep.

They turn up at his door inside the keep, which has sanctum markings upon it. He slams the door in their face, but Quaesitor Columbanus tells Shale to 'open it'. Galvius is angry at first, but soon realised that he doesn't have much of a choice in answering the Quaesitor's questions. He has been summoning spirits (there is a circle in the room, marked by candles and some blood). He claims to have summoned spirits and faeries, but that he has had nothing to do with the infernal. He's just using standard magic, as taught to him by his master Merlin.

Deciding that Galvius is possibly telling the truth about not knowing anything about demons, they decide to take him to Schola Pythagoranis for questioning by Quaesitor Fredegisa. He isn't given much choice in the matter.

It is some days to London, and they present the case to Fredegisa. She thinks that Galvius might be using the Goetic Arts, a form of summoning magic that isn't necessarily infernal in nature but which has risks. She asks Columbanus to look into his lineage to get an idea of where the knowledge originated from. She is happy to reimburse the magi for their time in helping with a Quaesitorial investigation.

There is some discussion about other events in the tribunal, including that the apprentice of Thormod ex Flambeau, Scalpello, recently passed his gauntlet by helping out in the siege of Bedford castle. She wondered whether Columbanus new anything about what they were up to.

The magi travel to Mercere House and investigate the lineage of the hedge wizard Galvius. They discover that he descends from the maga Ulnia ex Miscellanea, who took in a number of non-hermetic magi shortly after the Schism War and trained them as her own apprentices. It is possible that they were Diedne magi seeking new identities after the war. A descendent of one of those magi was slain in Wizard's War by the Quaesitor Valencio ex Guernicus. Valencio took his apprentice as his own and finished his training as a Guernicus. That apprentice was William d'Levin, the paren's of Columbanus.

The magi travel to Cad Gadu to try and find Merlin ex Miscellanea. He is there at Cad Gadu, and confirms what Galvius said. Cad Gadu offers to take in Galvius and keep an eye on him. The magi also have a talk with the new Primus of the House, the necromancer Oberon ex Miscellanea. There is discussion about the current situation in the East - apparently Novgorod has supernatural powers stirring to the North and East, as well as the problem of Otto IV who is marching in from the West and who seems to have supernatural aid as well.

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