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Summer, 1226

The magi have a sudden desire to investigate the tomb of Helione ex Tytalus, the maga who sleeps in Twilight. It is only a short journey down to the cave in which she resides, and as far as they can tell she has neither been disturbed or woken up herself. On leaving though, they have a feeling of being followed.

Travelling west to Silverdale to track down rumours of an old crone that lives in a cave. At the village they hear gossip about young women who have gone to the crone in order to obtain a good husband for themselves. Some have done well out of it, but at least one woman suffered an abusive marriage and ended up taking her own life. The alewife they speak to recommends that Umbriel leaves the crone alone, and mentions that she has a son who is looking for a wife to provide him with good children. She declines the offer.

The crone is located in a small wooded valley, where the trees seem twisted and somehow sinister. Approaching her cave (which appears to have a faerie aura), they overhear a conversation between two women. The younger one seems to be beseeching the elder one for help, but is turned away. The young woman, who is pregnant and carrying a sack, leaves the cave, and hurries past the magi trying not to have anything to do with them.

Inside the cave, they meet an old woman who names herself Esme. She stirs a big black cauldron full of a foul smelling broth, and is cloaked in black. They have a conversation, but since Umbriel (the only lady present) does not seem interested in finding a man for herself, Esme is not much interested in helping them. As to her previous guest, she only mentions that she deals only with the alive and the not yet born, and cannot help in the affairs of the dead.

Leaving Esme, and catching up with the woman, they discover that she is from Ingleton, the village that the magi had so many problems with a few years ago. Apparently the dead have started coming out of their graves and attacking people, and she was seeking outside help.

Deciding not to get involved directly, the magi head back to their covenant but do contact the Templars at Penhill Preceptory. The Templars do not understand what is happening in the world at large, but suspect it is something to do with the apocalypse. Their attitude is to buckle down, have faith, and deal with problems as they come. They are however willing to get investigate Ingleton again, so the magi settle down to study.

A couple of weeks later, news from the Templars is that the dead at Ingleton have been killed again, and this time burnt. They lost one of their brothers to the undead, but they think that the problem is now resolved.

The magi discuss the best ways to destroy a whole graveyard full of potential undead before they become a threat.

The rest of the season passes without further incident, and the magi prepare to travel to Hibernia to follow up on some leads, trying to decide who best to leave behind to guard the covenant.

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