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1226 (The End of the Beginning)



As reported by Peter the Bard ex Mercere

Grzymislawa of Luck the widow of the High Duke of Poland has been captured by Emperor Otto of the Dominion of the Holy Roman Empire. A marriage was arranged between the two in order to ‘cement the new alliance’.

Several Flambeau magi have gone north to Loch Leglean, to help defend the magi there from the northern raiders. There is a group within the Order, led by the covenants of Loch Hourn and Horsingas, calling for Iceland to be declared an enemy of the Order.

There was a rain of blood across the land, and a great storm which put fear into the hearts of men. Since that time, the dead have been refusing to lay down and have stayed amongst the living as walking corpses. They do not eat or drink, and their flesh is cold and pale. The aura of the Divine seems to have been weakened.

Several notable covenants were attacked when their Aegis of the Hearth was destroyed by the Rain of Blood. The attackers were Infernal in nature, and the attacks seemed to be pre-planned. Doissetep, Durenmar, Magvillus, Ashenrise and Castra Solis were all attacked. Of them all, Castra Solis suffered the most. Strangely, the small covenant of Bellaquin was also attacked.

Schola Pythagoranis has been joined by two Jerbiton magi from Iberia. They are Johannes ex Jerbiton a magus in his forties and Glorianna ex Jerbiton a magus in her thirties. Both are artists, and Glorianna is also a skilled architect who wishes to extend the covenant.

The covenant of Blackthorn has put out a warning to all magi of Stonehenge that raiders of Iceland are considered to be enemies, and any action taken against them by magi will not be viewed as a crime by the Tribunal. Magi are warned to be wary of strangers and to look to improving magical defences.


As reported by Alfred of Gloucester ex Mercere

The dead are awakening at the rise of the sun following their death. Burial in the Christian manner has not so far been seen to be effective at quieting their spirit, and the complete destruction of the body by fire or spell seems to be the only way to put them to rest. Stories of walking dead and spirits harassing travellers on the roads are common, and many people are refusing to leave their homes.

King Louis VIII of France has won a great victory against Prince Gothrod, who led the western armies of Otto IV. Many were slain in the battle, but the following morning those that still had limbs to do so rose again and returned to the fight. Witnesses say that many fled from the field in terror, but those that stayed killed the dead again and piled their bodies into great mounds and burnt them. It is said that King Louis himself was suffering from dysentery, and there is an unsubstantiated rumour that he too has died, though he denies it.

Cliffheart covenant in Hibernia has been attacked by raiders from Iceland who used stealth and cunning to gain access to pierce the covenant’s defences. Nicea ex Miscellanea and Florianus ex Tytalus both died in the attack, but the attackers were killed or driven off. Florianus was said to have risked his life bravely to defend his sodalis. However, both magi awoke the following sunrise.

Eleanor, the Fair Maid of Brittany has escaped from Bristol Castle. She had been held there by King Henry because some claim that she had a better claim to the throne than either John or Henry had. King Henry has started a hunt for her, and is offering a reward of £100 to anyone who brings her to him.

Blackthorn covenant has called for a Tribunal in the summer of next year, to be held at their covenant. The location has been backed by Oberon ex Miscellanea. The tribunal is to discuss the defence of Stonehenge against the Northern Threat.


As reported by Quinton ex Mercere

The Redcaps of House Mercere have received a letter asking where the magi of this island stand as regards to its defence from Northern aggressors. It was delivered by a knight and carried the seal of the King of England.

The Divine has been greatly weakened all across Europe, and there are reports that it has faded completely from most villages. Several places in Hibernia known to have an infernal reputation have grown in strength, and there have been reports of demons walking openly on the roads.

The ports of Ireland and England are busy, for travel by sea seems to be the safest way to get around. However, this will only last for as long as people can get goods to the ports.

Orkney covenant in Loch Leglean has been attacked by longships from Iceland. Though some covenfolk were killed, the attackers were driven off by the magi. The attack was lead by a giant of a man who was aided and protected by the Infernal. He was slain by Radgar ex Miscellanea, and the raiders seemed to lose heart with his death. Emma ex Tytalus and Lydia ex Miscellanea turned out to be an effective team in a fight, and slew many of the attackers themselves.

Quaesitor Fredegisa of Schola Pythagoranis has taken an apprentice.

The undead do not feed as the living do, but their flesh decays with time as if aging at an accelerated rate and they do not heal naturally. They can have a hunger for the blood of living people, and allowing them access to such seems to stave off decay. Staking a person to the ground immediately after death seems to prevent them from rising the following morning. Destruction of the head and heart, or incineration of the body, also prevents rising permanently.


As reported by John Mac Crieff ex Mercere

The Livonian Brothers of the Sword launched an attack across the ice against the island of Saaremaa. They have not been heard from since.

Several covenants of Novgorod have been attacked by the Dominion of the Holy Roman Empire, and some magi have been forced to flee. A state of emergency has been called in both the Rhine and Novgorod Tribunals. Flambeau and Tytalus magi are said to be planning a counter strike against Emperor Otto.

The Republic of Novgorod has attacked Finland from the East. It is said that all manner of fell beasts were involved in the attack, and that the armies are led by a giant inhuman beast with the body of a serpent, named Prince Geryon.

Ghostly visions and the walking dead have been reported in the northern Dales, of men and women on the road who vanish before they get close enough to recognise, and the sound of hammering in the night. The hauntings seem to be focused around a lake.

Night is now feared in Loch Leglean, for there are tales of strange creatures stalking anyone out after sundown. We encountered several apparitions at night on the journey here, but they did not bother us, possibly because we were heavily armed and protected by magic. Several villages we passed through reported that people have been going missing at night.

The covenants of Loch Hourn and Horsingas have declared a state of war, and wish to make it clear than anyone turning up uninvited who they do not recognise risk being attacked. The covenant of Mac Galach has not been heard from for some time. Though there are many Flambeau aiding us, some have left to go east to Novgorod.

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