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Winter, 1226

The covenant is visited by the maga Silis ex Miscellanea, who demands to be allowed inside to talk to the magi. She is an old maga, well over a hundred years old, and has a reputation of being one of the most powerful magi in Stonehenge, even though she is one of the independent magi.

She is not pleased about being kept waiting, and expects people to attend to her wishes promptly and competently.

Silis lives in north Yorkshire, and has often had trouble with the covenant of Voluntas over vis sources and the like, but she does not wish to trouble the Quaesitor with that. She has witnessed ships from Iceland along the coast, some of which have landed and sent people ashore to meet with Voluntas. She is an elementalist, not an investigator, so does not know their intentions, but they seemed to come away on friendly terms on more than one occasion. She believes that the Quaesitor should be aware of this, in case Voluntas is dealing with those that Blackthorn has declared to be enemies of the Tribunal.

She also wanted to check that Cruentis Petram hadn't arranged any friendly terms with some werewolves in the area, because she's been killing them whenever they come close.

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