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Stonehenge Tribunal

Summer, 1227.

At the beginning of summer, Umbriel ex Miscellanea is absent from the covenant for a few days.

The Tribunal of Stonehenge is held at Blackthorn covenant this year. The turnout is low, presumably because of the desire to stay home whilst demons and undead are roaming the country.

The major points discussed concerned the undead, attacks by Iceland on covenants in Hibernea and Loch Leglean, and the request from the King of England concerning Iceland.

It was decided that magi do not have the right to slay people who have risen as undead just because they are undead, in case it causes trouble with the mundane. Though no unified decision was made concerning Iceland, it was agreed that individual covenants are free to go to the defence of anyone attacked as they please.

A reply is to be sent to the King, stating simply that “The Order will defend itself.”. Finally, Voluntas covenant raised a complaint that the actions of Cruentis Petram had caused problems for the Order and themselves, due to their attack on, and destruction of, Fors Abbey. The magi of Cruentis Petram claimed that the Abbey had been overrun by the infernal, and they were defending themselves and others. An investigation will be carried out by Quaesitor Fredegisa and some magi from Cad Gadu.

Discussions were held with magi of other covenants during the time at Blackthorn, and Vladimir ex Tytalus received a mysterious note.

A letter is delivered to the covenant from Agustin ex Bonisagus:

Salve Quaesitor Columbanus ex Guernicus,

Based on the information that I have gained from both your good selves and Rellantali covenant, I have come up with a predicted estimate of where other meteorites may have landed. As part of this, I have had to make many assumptions, including, but not limited to, that each was born at the same time, that each can be considered to have been born, that they are of celestial nature, they are each representatives of an element, and that they each fell at the same time.

Based on these assumptions, and using the known points of Yorkshire and the north coast of Sardinia, I have come up with estimated target areas of southern Iberia for an air based meteorite and northern Transylvania for a water based one.

Agustin ex Bonisagus World’s End Covenant, Hibernian Tribunal

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