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As reported by Heward Longstrider ex Mercere

Pope Honorius III has secluded himself in the Vatican and will see no-one. Alternative rumours are that he has been imprisoned. Several missives have been put out by the Church, all of them contradictory.

King Louis of France has formed a new court, having several ‘traitors’ executed by fire for conspiring against him. He has started raising taxes, in order it is claimed, to pay for defending the Kingdom from attack.

A large army of dead mercenaries has been raiding villages in northern France, near Caen.

There has been rioting against nobles and churches across Italy and France. There has been a shortage of food over winter, and the fear of wandering dead has turned the peasantry against those they blame for failing to protect them.

The Divine has left London completely. Several parts of the town have become dens of iniquity. However, the town guard has been expanded, and are enforcing the King’s Law with an iron fist in many parts, making them safer than they were previously.


As reported by Peter the Bard ex Mercere

There was a Tribunal in Stonehenge this season, which was held at Blackthorn.

Lychira Covenant has apparently fallen into corruption. The trees of Sherwood Forest have become twisted and broken, and there is a foul smell that emanates from the earth. The witches received me, but their appearance has become foul, like that of the diseased dead. I left as quickly as I could.

Hugh de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, has raised an army around Hedingham Castle and refused to pay taxes to the King. He is calling on other Barons to support his stand against King Henry, claiming that he has fallen from the grace of God. King Henry is said to be preparing an army to march against him.

Cambridge University has been destroyed in a fire that killed many of the students and caused the destruction of most of the library. Students were unable to escape the blaze due to being intoxicated from an evening of debauchery. The covenant of Schola Pythagoranis was not significantly harmed.

Peasants in Kent have started worshipping the old gods and taking up pagan ways. Some of the nobles have enacted severe punishments, but others have turned a blind eye despite the protestations of the Church.

Eboris covenant in Paris has claimed that there is a secretive power behind the throne of King Louis, which is probably infernal in nature.


As reported by Justinia ex Mercere

Genghis Khan has been slain permanently by a Tangut sorceress who had allowed herself to be enslaved by him. She was unable to make her escape, and is said to have been tortured horribly and is not being allowed to die. His son Ogedei has been said to succeed him.

Hedingham Castle has been destroyed by the forces of King Henry. Hugh de Vere has been crucified, along with all those that died in his army. After a week, their bodies were burnt. The King is moving against others who showed support to the Earl.

Sailors in the Irish Sea have told of sighting strange lands where none were before. Steep cliffs appeared out of a deep fog, and their ship ran aground on a sandbank, but by morning they had floated clear and there were no signs of the cliffs.

War is brewing between Finland and Norway, and there are rumours of armies of pagan dead rising in the East.

Durenmar covenant has not sent out any notifications about the Grand Tribunal next year. House Mercere has requested reasons for the lack of information, but none has been forthcoming from the Praeco, Murion ex Bonisagus.

A large fortification has been constructed near the River Swale in the northern Dales. I did not approach it, but the architecture seemed to be designed to invoke fear and dread.


As reported by Ingvar Yaroslavich ex Mercere

The Eschengilde of the Rhine Tribunal, led by Archmage Philippus Niger ex Flambeau of Durenmar, have directly attacked the Emperor of the Dominion of the Holy Roman Empire. Emperor Otto was slain permanently, as were many of his bodyguards, but his wolf companion turned out to be a powerful demon that fled before it could be destroyed. The Dominion is breaking apart in civil war.

Political factions within the Order are forming as magi argue over how to deal with the loss of the Divine. Some believe that infernal powers are on the rise and that the Order must step forward to deal with them, even if this means taking sides with mundane factions.

In the south of England, many clergymen have found themselves on the wrong side of an angry mob. The peasantry is blaming them for that is happening, and some violence has taken place.

Voluntas covenant has laid claim to the magic realm of the Wolf Queen near Leyburn. This includes the stones and pool which forms the gateway into the regio, the contents of the regio and vis from the werewolves and other creatures that dwell there. Access to the regio is forbidden without permission of the magi of Voluntas.

Roving hordes of inhuman beasts have been spotted in Novgorod, sometimes up to a thousand strong. They are generally larger than humans, and no two are alike, having mixtures of horns, tusks, claws, tails, fur and scales. Many seem to be chimera between creatures of different types. They are always led by a giant creature that carries a horn which destroys all magic within range of its sound. They are said to be servants of the Demon Prince Geryon.

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