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Umbriel ex Miscellanea

Spring, 1228.

Umbriel ex Miscellanea flies to Gotland to investigate some details of her past. Taking the form of a man, she goes to Farosund and starts asking about sightings of a ship with the figurehead of Hel (a half dead, half living skull). She finds a skald who, after enough beer has been purchased for him, remembers a ship that came into Farosund when he was a boy, about 10-12 years ago.

There had been a ship captained by a beautiful man, which had no crew but which dropped off a woman who went off into the hills. It was followed some days later by the Hel ship, which was crewed by unsavoury characters who also went inland. What happened to any of those people is not known. This seems to match up with what Umbriel's master Einar ex Miscellanea told her.

She also hears stories about a group of witches who live in a cave further inland, who cause trouble by the theft of the occasional cow or sheep. People generally avoid them, but one of them is a draugr wizard. Flying around she finally locates the cave, but the land about it is dead and their are Norse runes of cold and pain carved into the dead trees. She eventually decides not to investigate on her own.

Back in Farosund, she hears that about 8 years ago a gravestone was placed in the graveyard by the witches. Remembering that the demons who had tried to sacrifice her when she was found by her master had built a gravestone for her, she goes to investigate. The church has been boarded up, and there is an infernal taint to the graveyard. Near the centre is a stone larger than the rest, on which is carved בוגד, which in Hebrew means 'Traitor'.

Her investigations of the graveyard, and questions about witches and strange ships have upset the locals though, and a fearful group of them gather, demanding that (he) she leaves. She does does so, heading back to the covenant for backup.

During this time Vladimir ex Tytalus travels to Libellus covenant to see whether they had succeeded in their attack on the local Demon lord. Except for the death of Gregorius ex Bonisagus, who was slain by a demonic worm that came out of the ground, they had been mostly successful. The undead had been destroyed, and the Demon's castle was destroyed. However, he had fled into an Abyssal regio that was beneath his castle and they chose not to follow. As far as they are aware though, the passage to the regio is now blocked.

The magi begin discussing plans as to how best to finish off their own Demon Konstantin now that he is greatly weakened. Their main worry are the wyverns which have a fiery breath that can destroy Parma Magica. Most were killed by Phessallia ex Merinita of Voluntas before she was killed, but enough still remain in order to be a threat.

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