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As reported by Justinia ex Mercere

There are rumours from the Rome Tribunal that House Jerbiton is making an alliance with the Vatican, and arranging for the protection of Churches and other Holy sites.

In Lincoln, there has been a brutal murder at the cathedral. All the clergy there have been killed, their heads impaled on spikes around the cathedral and their bodies cut into many pieces. The cathedral was then set on fire.

A new royal palace is being constructed in Paris. The churches and university buildings are being pulled down and their stone used in the construction.

Voluntas covenant has been attacked and almost entirely destroyed by a horde of demonic undead.

There was a fierce battle on the shore of Lake Onega in the north of Novgorod between Inhuman beasts from the East, and armies of Undead warriors from Finland. The army of beasts were routed.

Libellus covenant has attacked and destroyed a demon lord who had set up a fortification on Exmoor. Gregorious ex Bonisagus was slain in the attack, but he has arisen as undead.

The Mongol hordes move westward in disarray towards Baghdad. Archmage Quaesitor Aurora Borealis aided the forces of Baghdad in the defence of the city, and slew many of them. It is thought that the Mongols fear a greater threat from the Far East.

The Grand Tribunal will be held at Durenmar in the Rhine Tribunal in the Summer of this year.


As reported by Heward Longstrider ex Mercere

King Louis of France began a major invasion of the Dominion of the Holy Roman Empire. It is still leaderless, and several major battles were fought, all of which ended in a decisive victory for France. King Louis claims much of what is the Rhine Tribunal as his own.

The Grand Tribunal was held in the Rhine this season, though not everyone was able to attend due to the short notice and instability in the area. The proceedings of the Tribunal have not been made public at this stage.

Several barons between Nottingham and Lincoln have been assassinated. Seven have been found in their beds missing their hearts, and they did not rise in the morning.

Norway attacked Finland, sending many longships against her coastal ports and cities. The attacks were a failure however, and few Norsemen survive. According to the magi of Ynglinghal covenant, Finland resisted with armies of undead aided by strong magics.

Robert of Courtenay, Latin Emperor of Constantinople, has died of sickness, and his Queen Consort has been mutilated and killed. There was brief fighting within Constantinople following the news, but a new Emperor has been declared who has taken up residence in the Palace of Magnaura.

Several villages in the Dales have been attacked by werewolves. Men have been killed, and several women have been abducted.


As reported by Joan of Leeds ex Mercere

The Rhine Tribunal has made an alliance with the King of France, though the agreement seems to be an unofficial pact of non-aggression against each other, as well as an understanding of sharing a mutual enemy of the remains of the Dominion.

Many harvests have been poor across Europe, and there is fear that there will be famine before the end of the year. Harvests in England have been good however.

Armies of undead have moved into Novgorod from across the Baltic, attacking the Holy Roman Empire and routing its armies where they can be found. So far, none have attacked any covenants.

A ship is attacked by unknown pirates in the Irish Sea. They come sailing out of the mists whilst the merchant cog is becalmed. Most of the crew are killed, but a few make it back to the English shore in a small boat.

Hyacintho Lacus covenant in Novgorod is believed to have been destroyed by a beast army of Prince Geryon. Redcaps have reported that a large army numbering in the tens of thousands was camped nearby, and the covenant was in ruins. There is no sign of any of the magi.

Thousand Caves covenant in the Ural Mountains has not been heard from in some time, and no Redcaps have been able to get there due to the dangers of travel that far east in Novgorod.


As reported by Peter the Bard ex Mercere

Monstrous Hordes of desert warriors moved out of the desert and attacked the Mongols where they were camped at Ahvaz. The Mongols were pushed back, and their dead were subsumed into the ranks of the new Hordes. Several bands have moved into the Levant Tribunal.

King Henry is gathering an army made up of those that have died. He has claimed that the dead belong to him, and that they must serve their King in the defence of their island.

The satyrs of Grass Wood are seeking a new Queen. Their current Queen has given birth to four daughters and two sons. They are growing quickly, and the eldest two daughters are already grown women who share their fathers’ appetites.

Sounds have been heard from beneath the ground in the Lake District. The wailing of women, shouts of men or the cries of wild beasts. Ungulus covenant say that they are investigating.

In Leeds, several women have been sold by their families to pay for food. A special market has been set up in the city for those seeking women to serve them as slaves. Many nobles are selling food to the continent at a profit, rather than making it available to the English peasants.

Cathair covenant in Hibernia wish it to be known that they are claiming the magical islands that appears every Autumn within the Irish Sea as their property. They have performed a precursory exploration of the coastline and plan a full investigation next year.

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