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Spring, 1228.

Umbriel, William the Bear and Wee Angus head down to York to investigate the possible leads about Drogo's past, in the hope of finding out where he (and Eira, the alleged daughter of God) vanished to. After much paranoid planning and careful prodding around the edges of things, they eventually go to find Michael of Kent, the leader of the Black Guard mercenary band that Drogo used to belong to, and question him. He is happy to talk to William, a fellow mercenary, about the subject.

He and Drogo met up in the Holy Land during the Fourth Crusade, and their adventures took them to Hungary. Whilst there, on the shores of the Black Sea, they came upon a strange cave which seemed to be a repository full of unusual artefacts. Drogo managed to break a vase that contained dust, an action that unleashed shadowy creatures that attacked them. Drogo himself appeared to become possessed, and attacked some of their band.

They were 'saved' by a wizard named Nestor, who drove away the shadows and returned Drogo to his usual self. Despite having been saved by the wizard, it was clear that they were most unwelcome in this place and quickly left. Shortly thereafter, Drogo suggested that they head up to England where he had some contacts which could make them some money.

They settled at Witby, and have been making a good living selling their services to merchants and captains, being especially skilled at protecting ships from pirates and raiders. Things were steady until 1219 when Drogo got into an uncharacteristic fight with a new client the night before sailing off on a lucrative contract. He ruined the deal, and left the Black Guards. The following morning two very strange people arrived by ship, and Drogo left with them. It appears that they were the two founders of Cruentis Petram covenant - Jeremiah ex Jerbiton and Videnaeci ex Criamon.

None of the mercenaries have heard from Drogo since then.

Returning to the covenant, Vladimir believes that the place that Drogo and his band found was the Oppidum of Tablinum, one of the Tremere 'covenants'. Nestor ex Tremere looks after the museum of artefacts that the Tremere have there. Anything strange that falls into their hands tends to go there.

It is likely that if the Tremere have one of the Elemental artefacts then they have taken it there.

The magi decide to send a letter to Nestor, by way of Insidiae ex Tremere whom they are on good terms with, to request a conversation about the events that happened back then, to see if Nestor knows what the vase was that Drogo broke, since it may be related to the Rain of Blood. They also state that there is a small chance that it is related to the Elemental artefacts, and that they are willing to share information about them.

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