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Silver Dragon

Spring, 1229.

Most of the magi head out to visit the silver dragon Arisha that dwells in a nearby magical regio. She is found bathing in the pool at the centre of the plateau in her human form, and she is pleased to have visitors to talk to. The main topic of conversation is whether she would be willing to help the magi against Demons. Though she may be willing to help defend the magi, she does not wish to take part in expeditions of aggression.

There is also some talk about her creation myths, and she says that there were many great powers who created the world, and lived within it at the dawn of time. The world was eventually taken over by man though, after he had been freed from the garden of paradise.

Afterwards, Vladimir goes north to investigate the castle of the demon lord Kostantine, and finds that it is now deserted. A full investigation by the magi finds a deep pit within the castle, which appears to lead down into an infernal regio. They do not explore further, and Shale uses his magic to level the castle completely.

Umbriel travels to Leeds to find a young woman suitable to be Queen for the satyrs of Grass Wood. The old Queen, Sarah, who the magi had put in place when they first arrived, is now an old woman and her daughters have grown into young women. The Queen and her consorts invite Umbriel and Anna (the woman from Leeds) to partake of their feast, which Umbriel only nibbles at to the disappointment of the Queen. Umbriel is allowed to leave, though Anna stays behind.

The magi also investigate the resting place of Helione ex Tytalus, the maga who sleeps in Twilight within a cave. She still seems to be unharmed, but they also investigate the tree outside where one of her rivals was meant to be imprisoned. There is a spirit here still, and it seems to be insane after years of torment. There is discussion about whether to kill the maga, but Columbanus is unwilling to do it without definite proof that she was a diabolist.

In May, visitors arrive from Tablinum Oppidum of Transylvania to collect the stone of Fire and take it back with them for study in safety.

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