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As reported by John Mac Crieff ex Mercere

Iceland invades Scotland, landing many longships on the northern and western coasts. They have avoided covenants, but have attacked towns and fortifications. So far, they have been successful in taking whatever they attacked, and have started constructing defences around their holdings. The raiders seem to be Norsemen, though some strange beasts have been reported.

Demon Lord Pruflas of Leicester has sworn allegiance to King Henry, and has promised to provide aid in the defence of his Kingdom.

The covenants of Cad Gadu, Lombard, Silva Media Nocte and Cliffheart are disputing the claims of Cathair Covenant to the magical isles in the Irish Sea. They say that whole islands cannot be claimed as covenant property, especially since the entrance to the regio is so broad. Cliffheart has claimed to have also investigated the isles before Cathair did, so any ownership rights should fall to them, if anyone.

King Henry has formed an army which is marching north to Scotland, in order to do battle with the invaders there and defend his brother in law King Alexander.

Armies of undead have invaded into Norway from the North, routing the Norse armies of Jarl Ulkrith. They reached as far south as Ranfjord, and have begun building a fortification there.


As reported by Justinia ex Mercere

The Dominion of the Holy Roman Empire have retreated to the Carpathian Mountains, where they are fighting a defensive war against the armies of France.

The magi of Ungulus covenant have vanished. The covenfolk claim that they left on a mission to investigate underground spirits, but have not returned for over a month. Only the ghost of Sinead ex Miscellanea remains, and she is insane.

Battles in Novgorod between the undead of Mephistopheles and the eastern hordes results in another victory for Mephistopheles. However, much of the rest of Novgorod has been swept under the control of the demon Prince Geryon.

King Alexander II of Scotland has been killed by the invaders from Iceland, and the Queen Consort, Joan of England, has been taken hostage. The army sent by King Henry has been routed.

The Order of Hermes has won a major battle against undead in the Rhine Tribunal. The undead marched under the banner of the demon Prince Mephistopheles who is based in northern Finland.

A plague has broken out in Paris. It causes black blisters to form around the nose and mouth, which spread to cover the face until the skin falls off. It is beginning to spread throughout the rest of France.


As reported by Peter the Bard ex Mercere

The Levant Tribunal has been invaded by huge hordes of animal headed warriors that have taken control of the major settlements, and routed any armies sent against them, including many Mongols. They have avoided attacking magi of the Order, and The Hermetic Embassy at Baghdad has received a messenger from them who has requested peace between the Order and the Desert Princes.

Many women of Carlisle have taken to baring their skin and wearing tattoos. They have rejected the Bible, and claim worship of pagan fertility gods. The women are forming into groups of their own and living an excessively adulterous lifestyle.

Cathair and Cliffheart covenants mounted a joint expedition into the Island regio, and have reported that it is a tropical paradise inhabited with savages that know nothing of civilisation. The central portions of the isle are filled with terrible beasts, warped by the high magical aura of the place.

Students in Paris riot in the streets, protesting the demolition of their University buildings and also fueled by the fear of the plague. The riots are put down with extreme violence, and many students are killed.

Magi at Durenmar covenant have circulated their conclusions on the study of magical travel. Many magi have reported being trapped in Infernal regiones after using magic to move themselves long distances. All these regiones seem to be linked, and there seems to be a conscious plan behind it by a single demonic power, one that is referred to as the Queen of the Webs. The reasons for her capture of magi is not known.


As reported by Joan of Leeds ex Mercere

A French army has been defeated by an army of undead near Ostrava. The living fled the field of battle, and by the following morning both the undead and the bodies of the fallen French had gone from the field.

Voluntas covenant has become a dark and lonely place. Corva lives with her son beneath the town house, served only by a few covenfolk who are not permitted to see her. Apparently I am the only Redcap permitted to speak to her directly, for all others must exchange messages with the covenfolk.

The undead army of King Henry is quartered in Leicester, and is made of both men and women who are being trained to fight. They do not need feeding, and strict discipline is enforced by harsh punishments.

The winter in Scotland has been bitterly harsh, and it is being blamed on the Icelandic invaders. The covenants of Loch Leglean have been organising raids against some of the Northern forces, and so far have had reasonable success.

In Inverness three thousand men and women were stripped naked and driven out into the snow at night, where they froze to death. The undead that rose at dawn have been forced into joining the Icelandic army.

A great dragon has been seen in Greece. It has black scales and breaths fire, burning its way across the country, and settled near Thessaloniki. The maga of Oikos tou Eleous are said to be investigating very carefully.

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