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Missing Magi

Autumn, 1229.

At the covenant of Cruentis Petram, there has been no sign of the magi who left to investigate the missing magi of Ungulus covenant for almost a season. Umbriel hears that there have been murders at the nearby village. Two women have murdered their husbands after they had been seduced by a harlot who had come to the village. The women had been goaded to violence by the harlot, and she had caused trouble with several other couples.

The harlot was gone by the time Umbriel arrived, and no-one was sure where she had gone to. Apparently her named was Adelade. Further investigation shows that she had also caused trouble at the nearby village of Kettelwell.

Zephon offers to try and find the lost magi, since finding people was his speciality. He leaves to see what he can find.

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