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Home Alone

Spring, 1230

Still no sign of the missing magi. Umbriel decides that the covenant defences need hardening, and goes to check on the Templars at Penhill Preceptory. She finds that some of the knights there seem to have taken up vices such as gambling and the use of prostitutes.

Digging into the minds of the knights, she determines that some magical influence is at work, so uses some of her own magic to expose the activity. It does seem to put a stop to things, for now.

Umbriel also goes to visit Corva, but the Bjornaer maga does not wish to talk.

Umbriel ex Miscellanea writes:
Subtle suggestions lead to “accidental” discovery of the issue by the Preceptor. Much flogging and penance ensues but the Covenant is not overrun by crazed Infernal Templars.

In keeping down the problems of the Infernal in the absence of her Sodalis Umbriel is forced to adopt Lean Methododgies to achive Continuous Improvement.

Cruentis Petram bringing you an ITIL V3 compliant Armageddon since 1229.
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