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As reported by Quinto ex Mercere

Dark storms have ravaged the west coast of Hibernia for the last couple of seasons. There is evidence that they have been supernatural in origin, possibly of Faerie influence.

Famine and disease has struck Hibernia over the Winter, and it is believed that many tens of thousands have died. It is hypothesized that Infernal flies carry the disease from one village to the next.

Agustin ex Bonisagus has made an astrological prediction that a new danger will arise in the far south before the end of the year.

Lombard covenant has acted openly against the Norman nobility, and seem to have completely broken their power base. Ailbe ex Flambeau has presented some evidence to Quaesitor Abercio of Ashenrise showing that the nobles were in league with the Infernal. Various local factions have rallied behind the covenant and taken control.

The last remnants of the Dominion of the Holy Roman Empire seem to have fled into Transylvania where they were hunted down and killed by the Fectores, the supernatural hunters of House Tremere.

Schola Pythagoranis covenant have declared that an infernal regio has formed beneath London, which is accessible through certain establishments at night. It is said that creatures come out at night and spirit away those who wander alone to dark dungeons deep within the regio.

The covenfolk of Ungulus covenant have burnt the books of their library and trashed the laboratories of their magi. They say they do not know why they did this. Their confusion indicates possible magical influence.


As reported by Joan of Leeds ex Mercere

The Mongols have been attacked by the beast army, and have suffered many casualties. The Mongols have fielded large numbers of goetic sorcerers, summoning their own spirits to do battle for them.

An undead army marched down through Norway, but is held back at Trondheim by the Norse. The white dragon of Bergen was seen at the battle, and its fiery breath was said to destroy many of the undead.

The witches of Lychira covenant are all pregnant, and claim to be preparing the next generation of witches. I do not know who the fathers are, but they seem confident that their children will be Gifted.

The French King has outlawed reading and writing outside of certain professions, and has called for the burning of all books and other written materials in France. He has granted permission to Royally appointed academics to keep books and practise literacy, and has given blanket permission to members of the Order of Hermes to do the same.

King Henry III led another army into Scotland but was defeated at Stirling. He had an army ten thousand strong, and was aided by a few magi of Loch Leglean, but was turned back by giant stone leviathans which breathed fire and ash.

The Painted Women of the North is a cult that is spreading in influence. There seems to be less infernal activity where the cult is strongest, and the women are better protected than elsewhere in the country.


As reported by Marcus of Paris ex Mercere

Paris is gaining wealth from plunder taken from the east in the King’s war against the remnants of the Roman Empire. The covenant of Eboris is also gaining influence as we are the only ones outside of the Royal Court permitted to practise literacy, and merchants and nobles are forced to come to us for our services.

The holy covenant of Oikos tou Eleous have reported that the ‘dragon’ is one of the Grigori, an ancient angel that fell from God’s graces before the Fall. He is named Batariel, and they say that he may be an ally against the Infernal.

There have been battles in Novgorod, between the armies of Mephistopheles and Geryon. Neither seemed to have gained the upper hand, but much destruction has been wrought upon the landscape.

England’s harvest has not been great this year, but it is still has an abundance of food compared to the rest of Europe. Violent rioting by peasants has become a fact of life in France.

Vatican City has been given an Aegis of the Hearth by the Jerbiton and Bonisagus magi of Rome. The plan is to provide a place of sanctuary from which the Church may do its duty without fear of corruption by Infernal spirits.


As reported by Peter the Bard ex Mercere

A French army has been defeated by an army of undead near Ostrava. The living fled the field of battle, and by the following morning both the undead and the bodies of the fallen French had gone from the field.

Queen Joan has been executed in Scotland. Her tortured and mutilated body was put on display in Stirling for seven days whilst she was roasted alive. Eventually her body was consumed by fire and permanently destroyed. King Henry III of England is said to be preparing another army on the borders of Scotland.

The covenant of Sansaron has been destroyed from within by demons. It appears that the Demon Prince Moloch was unleashed from the ruins of ancient Carthage on which the covenant sits, and with him poured forth his bestial servants. His army is marching across north Africa, laying waste to any settlements that they find. Their intent seems to be destruction rather than conquest.

London is full of dark nightmares that haunt people’s dreams whilst they sleep, and torment their bodies whilst they are awake. Being there is like being watched by unseen eyes, or touched by hands in the dark.

Loch Hourn covenant is preparing an offensive against the Icelandic invaders of Loch Leglean, together with the other covenants of the Tribunal.

It has been a cold winter in England, and it is said that this is due to the King being away on campaign, where he is unable to manage the life of the Kingdom as effectively.

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