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Aegis Alone

Summer, 1230

Still no sign of the missing magi, so the yearly Aegis of the Hearth is done without them. Some of the Bears, as well as the folk down at the village of Scratching Hill have been having bad dreams. Trawling through their minds shows signs of magical manipulation, and those that are most badly affected are taken up to the covenant under the protection of the Aegis.

Further investigation by Adric ex Bonisagus pulls out the names of Lithua and Adellade from the minds of the victims, indicating that they are one and the same. Neither magus has heard of Adellade, but Umbriel remembers Lithua as being the succubus that worked for Lord Konstantin, and was one of those who attacked and destroyed Voluntas covenant.

Umbriel goes to check with Schola Pythagoranis about the infernal regio that has formed beneath London, to see if it is similar to the one used by the Queen of the Webs, but it seems to be different.

Umbriel ex Miscellanea writes:
According to Schola Pythagoranis it is an Abbysal regio rather than a Tartarus one like the the Queen of Webs domain. Apparently, Abbyssal regios sap life and seem to weaken the mind and other facilities that Magi depend on.

Well some of the Magi depend on their intelligence.
The Covenant now has a convenient guest hostel with convenient door locks which are conveniently on the outside of the door. This cuts down on surprises at night like like arson or the sudden dead invisible bodies that so upset my filia.
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