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There is no time in the watery emptiness of the Twilight Void. Things are there, shapes which formed out of the void itself. The magi do not know how long has passed when they come across the cemetery. There are the shapes of grave stones formed out of the water, which feel almost-solid to the touch. At the centre of the graveyard is a large tomb, a golden light spilling out from under the door.

With no other options presenting themselves, the magi open the tomb and find a sarcophagus from which spills that light. Inside lays a raven, with white feathers tainted black, a golden glow around him. It opens it's eyes and looks at them:

“What too you so long? I've been waiting bloody ages for you.”

The golden glow fades and Zephon looks somewhat tired, but he offers to lead the magi home.

Moving through the void with purpose, time passes. There is a lightness to the water, and suddenly the magi are unable to breath. Struggling, the magi Columbanus, Shale and Vladimir clamber up out of the cold water onto the snow covered banks of a river. Nearby, they can see a city.

They do not know where they are, or how long it has been. Zephon's feathers are now entirely black, and he does not look well.

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