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Letter from ibn-Hudhayl ex Criamon

Winter, 1230.

A letter is forwarded to the covenant by Alicia ex Criamon. It was sent to her by ibn-Hudhayl ex Criamon of Estancia es Karida covenant.

Salve Alicia ex Criamon,

It has been a few years since your visit enquiring about the fallen star. Though I am afraid that we have no further information on the subject itself, we do have meta information of a kind that may be of interest to you.

We have had visitors from Transylvania, the magus Theodore ex Tremere of Tablinum was their spokesman. He had questions about the fallen star as you did, and sought knowledge about it. We told him that we had investigated the site but found nothing. We would rather that the Tremere not know that we had it once and lost it. The Tremere would not understand.

As you are a member of our House, we thought it useful for you to know these things.

May your clutch find many answers to the Enigma.

ibn-Hudhayl ex Criamon Estancia-es-Karida Covenant, Iberia Tribunal

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