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Winter, 1230.

The magi discover that they are near London, and that the year is 1230. They head back to the covenant, and catch up with Umbriel and Adric on their respective events.

There is a lot of discussion about long term plans, and how they can possibly survive the demon incursions.

Umbriel convinces some of them to resolve the problem with the goblin King Arthur and Guinevere. Shale, Father Luke and Wee Angus head with her to the goblin caves, and meet with Merlin who directs them to where Guinevere is in her convent. He thinks that someone needs to remind her of what love is, since she seems to have forgotten how to.

Father Luke speaks with Guinevere, who is not a goblin but a beautiful woman, making an impassioned plea to her to think of the people of her land, who are now suffering because the King is in despair. Guinevere though has lost all feelings, and cannot bring herself to love or care for another person. Despite Father Luke's eloquence, she is not convinced to return, and it becomes clear that none of the others have the required persuasive abilities.

It is then that Shale and Umbriel decide to try and get the silver knight, who they believe to be Sir Lancelot, to fix the problem. He is still guarding the entrance to the faerie regio, and will not leave it since it is his duty. However, Shale convinces him that he will take on the duty whilst Lancelot sees to Guinevere.

Lancelot returns to Guinevere, and eventually persuades her to return to her King. The King is roused from his apathy at this, and as the magi leave a blossom appears on one of the trees. Merlin gives it to Umbriel in thanks - it is Creo vis.

Vladimir spends the rest of the winter investigating the strange bell which is said to protect against spirits. It seems to have both the ability to dispel magic, and also an Aegis of the Hearth effect if rung within a building, which lasts for a day.

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