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Spring, 1231.

The magi head to Ireland, to the city of Amargh where the Bishop Donatus Ó Fidabra is said to have a copy of the Keys of Solomon at the Cathedral. The book was mentioned by an angel that Umbriel met a long time ago, and their attempt to find a copy at the University of Paris had met in failure, since all the books of the University had been burnt by the time they got around to going there.

Though the city has a slight Infernal aura, the Cathedral has no aura at all, suggesting that the monks here have managed to remain uncorrupted.

There is discussion about how to gain access to the books, and in the end Umbriel takes bird form and flies around the buildings until she finds a scriptorium. Initially she is chased out by a monk with a broom, but comes back later when they are all at mass. There are several books here, plus a locked door. Ignoring subtly, she breaks the lock with magic and takes a look inside.

Amongst the books on demonology and other heresies, she finds two sets of big books, one labelled The Book of Solomon, the other The Keys of Solomon. They are too big for her to fly out with them, so Umbriel creates a sack and carries them out herself, managing not to be seen.

Once she is safely with the other magi, it is decided that theft is probably the easiest option, and they fly back towards Cruentis Petram with the books.

A cursory study reveals that they are written in a mixture of at least four languages - Latin, Greek, Hebrew and one other, which may be Aramaic. Umbriel decides to study the books for the rest of the season, with some help from Adric and Karl Eric.

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