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1231 (The Beginning of the End)



As reported by Heward Longstrider ex Mercere

The Norse are driven from Norway by hordes of countless undead that swarm out of the mountains, killing all those that stand in their path. There is a great battle at the Norse stronghold of Bergen, where the great white dragon is slain.

King Henry of England drives the Icelandic forces out of Scotland, being aided by the combined might of the magi of Loch Leglean. It is believed that Iceland had put all that it had into the battle, but was not expecting so many magi to come to the aid of the English King.

The witches of Lychira have moved from their covenant in Sherwood Forest to London, and have pledged themselves to the two royal Princesses. The King has permitted them to dwell at a location in Lambethmoor.

A darkness is growing in Paris, and the infernal aura there dominates the entire city even during the day. It is believed that the Archmage Mathieus ex Jerbiton of Eboris covenant has fallen to the infernal.

William Marshal, the Earl of Pembroke and Lord Marshal of England, continues to serve his King in death as he did in life.

Pope Honorius III has declared an Inquisition into Church affairs, sending out inquisitors to investigate priests and their parishes for signs of heresy or diabolism. They have been given the authority to enforce Church policy by any means necessary, as well as permission to work with Hermetic magi.


As reported by Joan of Leeds ex Mercere

The Demon Prince Mammon declares himself master of the Kingdoms of France and the lands of the Holy Roman Emperor from his palace in Paris. The royal family and many of those of the royal court have gone missing, presumed dead or worse.

Primus Oberon ex Miscellanea and several other magi from Cad Gadu are missing presumed dead after attempting a raid on Mephistopheles in Ultima Thule.

England's crops are doing well this year, having recovered from the poor harvests of last year. The peasants claim that it is the King who is protecting them, and that as long as he is healthy, the Kingdom will be healthy.

A great sickness has fallen upon the women of Ingleton. Their skin has become loose, and painful blisters form in private places. Where blisters have burst, things have crawled forth and caused much distress.

Loch Hourn covenant has launched an assault on Iceland, destroying some of its defences and forcing the Snow Queen to retreat to her palace. They eventually retreat, but are confident that she has little left in the way of offensive capability.

Sachiko ex Merinita of Burnham covenant has reported that the Faerie Queen who calls herself the Painted Lady has been protecting the women of Northumberland. Her realm is beyond forests near Carlisle, and many of the women folk have taken to worshipping her as a goddess. She plans a banquet to be held for those that follow the old ways, near the beginning of next March.

An infernal aura now covers the whole of Hibernia. Though it is only slight in the wilderness, it is greater in the towns and cities where suffering is greatest.


As reported by Praela ex Mercere

Many Novgorod covenants have come under attack from the undead armies of Mephistopheles. Undead necromancers with the ability to destroy an Aegis of the Hearth or the Parma of individual magi have been used in great numbers.

King Henry III puts down rebellions in Wales, and brings the country under his control. It is said that he travelled to Blackthorn Covenant, and met with the magi there, though there have not been confirmations of this.

Tytalus magi of Exspectatio covenant have deliberately thrown themselves into the clutches of the Queen of the Webs, with the intent to destroy her and make long distance travel spells safe again. They have not been heard from since.

The covenant of Ashenrise has been engulfed in a black storm of utter darkness that appears to be impenetrable. The land surrounding the covenant has withered and died, the ground becoming much like a bloated corpse, spewing sickness and filth.

The Hibernian covenants of Cathair, Cliffheart and Silva Media Nocte have left this realm completely, and taken themselves and all they consider valuable to the mystical island that appears yearley in the Irish Sea. They have left word that they do not plan to return, and that have sealed the path closed behind them.

Most places are now tainted with an infernal aura. Cities especially, which were previously protected by the dominion, are now growing in infernal corruption. Even wilderness regions which have no other aura are becoming infernal. The Normandy, Rhine and Rome tribunals are almost entirely infernal.

The Infernal in Hibernia is ever growing in strength, and even at its weakest is now a third level aura, and many magical and faerie places are inaccessible. Many of the magi of Hibernia are looking for homes elsewhere.


As reported by Peter the Bard ex Mercere

The armies of Moloch invade the Iberian Tribunal, occupying the city of Barcelona. Though there is initially much resistance, the magi of Barcelona covenant turn on the defenders, and help place the demon Tyritescus in charge of the city.

Ilya ex Miscellanea of Cad Gadu has returned from Ultima Thule, with news of the fall of Oberon, the Primus of her House. During their raid on the Ice Palace of Mephistopheles, he took the path into Hell in order to seek knowledge. He is not expected to return. Mephistopheles seems to have an endless supply of dead to use in his armies, as well as legions of demons waiting to do his bidding.

The black storm that engulfed Ashenrise is growing in size, and now stretches for ten leagues in all directions, threatening the covenant of Elk’s Run. Peasants are fleeing from the storm, but the winter was harsh and many are dying of exposure and lack of food.

A shroud has fallen on the city of York, though its exact nature is difficult to determine. Even those not used to magic can feel that something is there, and a peace of sorts has come to the city. Whether it is for good or ill though I cannot say.

The Painted Lady held court on the banks of the River Eden, in a wooden palace grown out of trees. The women there are most hospitable to those that treat them with respect. I sat with the magi of Burnham covenant at her banquet, and spoke with Quaesitor Trutina who has not been seen for fifteen years.

With the exception of Stonehenge, the entire of Europe is now completely covered by an Infernal aura. Stonehenge seems to be resisting the Infernal more than other places. Hibernia however now has a level six aura even in the wilderness. Almost no faerie or magical places remain.

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