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Winter, 1232.

There is a Tribunal held at Blackthorn Covenant, with the intent to discuss the future of the Order. Two magi from Transylvania are present, who wish to discuss events that are happening there. Many in the Tribunal have fallen under the influence of a dark power, but they represent a few who resist. One of them is Adrastia ex Tytalus of Histria Oppidum. She was the mistress of Vladimer, and still holds a grudge against her ex-apprentice.

On realising that he is there, she demands to know why he is being treated as a full magus, and insists that no further information will be provided unless he meets her in Certamen. He refuses to agree, and in the end after much political discussion she and her sodalis leave without providing any further information.

Amongst the magi of Stonehenge, there is talk of the free sharing of information between all magi, and a possible strike against a demon lord.

After the Tribunal, Quaesitor Fredegisa talks to the magi of Cruentis Petram and demands to know what they are up to. Even if she believes that they are working for the good of the Order, there are others who are suspicious and she cannot protect them unless she knows something. In the end, they reveal everything they know to the Quaesitor. She agrees to try and keep the others off their backs, and will see what she can do to aid them in the future.

For the rest of the season, the magi spend it in study, and manage to decipher the meaning of the third tablet, The Beginning and the End. This details how both magic and the world works.

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