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As reported by Aebh ex Mercere

The armies of Moloch drive east into Egypt, inflicting heavy losses against the Desert Princes and forcing them to retreat past the Red Sea.

Mnemosyne ex Tytalus of Exspectatio covenant has returned from her expedition to the Infernal realms, with news of success. The Queen of the Webs has been defeated, and the magics that entrapped magi using travel magic have been undone, making fast travel safe again.

The Vatican City has been greatly expanded, and huge walls are being built around the core. The noble Adalricus Ambrosius has been seen spending much time with the Pope lately, and there are some that say he has had considerable influence over the Pope for some time.

Most of France has been corrupted by the Infernal. The land lays under a perpetual infernal aura, and plants are failing to grow. Covenants are reporting that most of their vis sources have either dried up or become corrupted as magical and faerie auras have become swallowed by the Infernal. Fields have become infertile wastelands.

Houses Tytalus and Flambeau launched an attack on Mammon’s Palace in Paris, in an attempt to reverse the infernal presence. It is estimated that about half the population of Paris were killed in the fight, and though the streets were littered with the bodies of dead demons, none of the magi returned alive.

Hibernia has succumbed entirely to the Infernal, and even the strongest of magical or faerie places have been swallowed by it. The land is like an abyssal regio, draining everyone of strength and spirit. The black storm that was centered on Ashenrise has subsided, leaving nothing living in its wake. Many of the magi have come to Stonehenge, since it seems to be both safe and close.


As reported by Peter the Bard ex Mercere

Several battles are fought in the Rhine between the forces of Mephistopheles and Mammon. Little is gained by either side, but there is much devastation and infernal regiones have been formed where the battles were fought.

Durenmar covenant is gathering together magi from across the Rhine to form a defensive stronghold against the Infernal. They have claimed to have cast the strongest Aegis of the Hearth ever around their covenant, and are making raids against any Demons which come close.

The armies of Mephistopheles are made up the armies of Hell, who number in the hundreds of thousands. Though individual members are weak, when together their combined might is such that magi are unable to affect them.

France is in ruin. No crops have grown this year, and much of the south has turned to wastelands where no trees or grass grows. Many people are undead, and are ruled over by demons who force them to dig the land to no purpose.

Hibernia continues to sink further into the abyss. The Infernal aura is of tenth level, plus it behaves as a third level abyssal regio, draining strength and spirit. No living person has been found there, plants have turned to ash and beasts are now corrupted mockeries of what they were in life.

Many people drowned in the English channel, when they tried to cross from France to England. A storm came up out of nowhere, sinking their boats or driving them back.

The Quaesitors of Stonehenge have called for a Tribunal to be held at Blackthorn during Winter. The subject under discussion will be the end of the Order.


As reported by Octavius ex Mercere

The last of Iberia falls to the forces of Moloch, aided by the Jerbiton and Flambeau of that Tribunal. Flambeau loyal to the Order are driven back to Provencal.

Doissetep and Val-negra covenants have joined forces to protect themselves from the Infernal, and many magi from Normandy have joined them. The Domus Magna of House Flambeau has been moved back to Val-negra

Europe is now covered by a second level aura of the Infernal. In cities, the aura is stronger to match the amount of suffering and corruption. France is now a dusty wasteland, full of people either undead, or nearly so, desperately trying to find sustenance in a dead land.

Hibernia suffers further, and it is almost impossible to think or move on that island. Quaesitor Bantine has requested that no magi return to Hibernia.

Even Stonehenge is now inflicted by an Infernal aura in all places, though it is only half as strong as the one that covers the rest of Europe.

The Greater Alps have been relatively free of Infernal forces, but the population here is low and many demons do not seem interested in the few settlements up in the mountains. However, the Infernal aura still grows here.


As reported by Stephen ex Mercere

The Desert Princes make several raids against the beast armies of Prince Geryon, but they do little to drive them back.

The magi of Hibernia have now moved to Stonehenge or Loch Leglean, and have no intent to try and reclaim their homeland.

On Christmas day, the beaches of all lands were covered with the corpses of dead fish. They could not be eaten, since they were foul to the taste, and the smell of death came from the sea. Since then, an infernal aura has covered the seas around all of Europe, from Ultima Thule in the north to the Holy Land in the south. No natural living thing has been found in the seas since then.

Hibernia is a complete wasteland of ash and bone. Only the undead live there now, and they do little more than crawl unthinkingly upon the land.

A Tribunal was held at Blackthorn covenant in Stonehenge, to discuss the end of the world.

House Flambeau is making copies of their most effective combat spells available to any magi who want them. Copies of books on Parma Magica and Penetration are also being made available.

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