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Help from Ingrat

Spring, 1233.

The magi have a conversation with Eira concerning their understanding of the tablets and what to do with them once they have finished modifying them. Eira does not see it as her place to suggest how they should be modified, and her only suggestion for getting them used in the final ritual is to switch them with the ones that Samael already has, without him knowing. Once Samael is aware of Eira, that will probably act as a significant distraction. She also says that though she cannot help in deciding how the tablets should be changed, she may be able to provide some help in changing them. Obviously, she can only help one person at a time.

Ingrat ex Merinita (aka the demon Melusine) arrives at the covenant to discuss what has been happening. She approves of the changes that the magi are making, though would like to see less Hell. There is discussion about the final missing element, and Ingrat agrees that since she has some contacts in Iberia she can scout things out to try and locate which covenant has stolen it.

Columbanus spends the season working on the third tablet, The Fallen and the Sinners, and successfully makes changes to it hoping to change the ritual in their favour, including the changing of demons from infernal to magical powers.

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