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1233 (The End of Everything)



As reported by Mortana ex Mercere

The armies of Geryon defeat Mephistopheles in northern Novgorod. Most of the Novgorod covenants have not been heard from in some time, and most of them are believed to have been destroyed.

Iceland suffers a devastating attack from Mephistopheles, and the Snow Queen is defeated. Much of Iceland erupts in fire, with the mountains splitting open and revealing the heart of Hell. Dark clouds are moving south towards Europe, blotting out the sun.

A great comet has been seen in the southern skies. Its tail stretches as wide as that of the Moon, and it is red in colour. Astrologers are saying that it heralds the end of days, but most respond that such a sign is not needed.

Mainland Europe, as well as northern Africa and the Holy Land, is now under a level three Infernal aura. Perpetual fog covers the western ocean, and it is said that the eastern portions of Novgorod are covered as well.

There is a great battle in Thebes, between wizards aided by the dragon Batariel against demons encroaching on their lands. The Order is successful, and have claimed that they have found further magical allies from Mount Olympus.

Ainya ex Merinita of Blackthorn covenant has fallen into final Twilight.


As reported by Praela ex Mercere

The forces of Moloch move into the Levant, driving the Desert Princes back.

Stonehenge suffers a cold summer, the skies being clogged with ash and dust from the volcanoes of Iceland.

Geryon was defeated in southern Novgorod by the Desert Princes, and one of his most powerful lords is killed.

A sticky black ooze has seeped out of the ground in the northern Dales. It has the smell of corpses, and its vapours burn those that come close to it.

Wizards Wars have broken out between covenants in Normandy and the Rhine. Those in Normandy are seeking the resources of the Rhine, and are being prevented from joining Rhine covenants. There have been smaller scale conflicts initiated by Normandy against Stonehenge and the Greater Alps as well.

Libellus covenant has wiped out several infernal cults in southern England. Lucidia ex Flambeau has led the attacks along with Quaesitor Ganymede, and there was little attempt at subtlety.


As reported by Davric ex Mercere

Several lords of Mammon are assassinated, and civil war breaks out between his forces. The uprising is put down, but losses are heavy amongst both demons and the living.

The Infernal aura in Europe has now reached level four. There are few places of magical or faerie aura left, and gateways to such regiones have become closed. Stonehenge has an infernal aura of two.

The skies have changed, and the dimmer stars have started to fade from sight. The Evening star has become a blazing red shortly after sunset.

The Redcap Justinia has been lost whilst travelling back from Europe. It is believed that she and all her companions have been killed.

Babies are being born deformed more often than not. Some are being born undead, and there have even been stories of them tearing their way through their mother’s stomach in an attempt to get free.

The Demon Lord Belial has made his name known at the Vatican, and he has claimed lordship over all of Italy. He had formerly taken the guise of the noble Adalricus Ambrosius, and made many strong allies in House Jerbiton. Most of the Rome tribunal have fallen under his power.


As reported by Octavius ex Mercere

Moloch moves into France, defeating Mammon in a great battle of undead and demons. It would seem that the only things left in Normandy are the armies of the Demon lords.

The Wizards Wars within the Rhine and Normandy tribunals have mostly come to an end, more due to the lack of participants than a desire for peace between them.

On Christmas Day, King Henry III, King of England, was murdered. His two sisters have claimed the throne, and demons have rallied around them.

The Infernal in Europe continues to strengthen, and has now increased to the fifth level. Monstrous beasts roam the land, and powerful demons are common. Even in Stonehenge, the aura is now level three.

The fog that covers the seas now appears to lead to Hell itself. The aura is of the strongest magnitude, and venturing too far into the fog leads directly to the Abyss.

Thick snow covers all of Europe, but people are not allowed the dignity of death in that frozen realm. The snow burns the skin where it touches, and is bitter to the taste.

House Criamon have vanished into Twilight. They gathered at the Caves of Twisting Shadow, and conducted a ritual that took all of them into Final Twilight. Whether this will allow them to escape Hell is not known.

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