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The Death of a Magus

Autumn, 1233.

There is still no word from Ingrat, so Columbanus, Vladimir and Shale decide to try and track her down and find out what happened to her in Iberia. It is decided to go to the Tower of London, and see whether there is any news of her there.

Initially, none of the guards have heard of Ingrat, but on the mention of the name Melusine the Tower guards get interested. Vladimir's Parma Magica protects him from some magic, possibly attempted by the Tower guards. Eventually they are led into the Tower, or at least to the chapel within the walls.

There they meet a young woman, tall and beautiful with long dark hair. She is introduced as the princess Isabella, one of the sisters of Henry III and therefore the daughter of Ingrant/Melusine. From her it is learnt that they have mourned for their mother, for she was slain by the demon Tyritescus who now controls the city of Barcelona. She demands of the magi that they avenge her mother, since going off to strange cities to kill demons isn't something that a princess can be expected to do herself.

Before her mother was slain, she said that something was being hidden by the magi of Barcelona. It is probably the last elemental stone that is needed for the final ritual. The magi are unable to decide whether to go there themselves and try and retrieve it, or to simply inform the Tremere (and therefore probably the Demi-urge) where it is.

After a large amount of discussion, it is decided that Vladimir, Shale and Wee Angus will head down to Transylvania to talk to the magi at Tablinum. The plan, as crafted by Umbriel, is to suggest to the Tremere there that Umbriel (or another) has worked out how to make an astrological prediction of where the fourth elemental stone is, but to do that she would need access to the others. Whilst at Tablinum, she could snoop around and find out where the tablets are which need replacing. Once done, she would simply declare 'Barcelona', and leave the Tremere to go and retrieve it.

Flying down to Transylvania, the three make the odd detour to avoid demonic armies (plus another detour for Vladimir to obtain some garlic sausage) and approach where Tablinum should be. Instead, they can see some huge construct, which looks like mile high black walls encircling a possibly forested area about ten miles across. Leading up to the walls is a white road, along which move caravans heading towards the gates.

Though approaching invisibly, they are spotted by flying creatures that turn towards them. The creatures seem to turn invisible themselves, and suddenly there is a pop of air and one seems to be right next to them. Whatever it is uses ReCo magic, which is deflected by the Parma of the two magi, but which paralyses Wee Angus. The two magi dive towards the ground, but with the sound of some large chain being swung, Wee Angus is struck and immediately slain.

It chases down after Shale and Vladimir, taking a swing at Shale, who feels the hit of something heavy but is unharmed. Vladimir teleports off to the side, and Shale summons large amounts of rock above the attacker. It teleports above the rock, leaving it to crash to the ground. Shale finds refuge in a gully, whilst the creature lands near to Vladimir, and summoning about a hundred demons out of the ground.

There is the sound of a loud horn, and immediately both magi's Parma Magica is destroyed or greatly weakened. At the same time, an Aegis of the Hearth like effect washes over them. Vladimir is then paralysed, though he is just about able to teleport out.

After some more games of cat and mice, the magi are able to avoid the smaller demons but the main one is harder to avoid. It blasts the ground apart, showering both both in shrapnel, which Shale is able to resist but which tears Vladimir apart, killing him.

At last, the invisibility of the creature ends, and Shale finds himself facing a humanoid demon almost twice as tall as he is, with a heavy flail and armour. Eventually, Shale is able to destroy it's weapon, then blasts the ground open in an eruption of rock beneath it, forcing it to teleport away.

Shale is able to find Vladimir's body, and makes off with him to a place of safety. The following morning, at sunrise, Vladimir awakens as undead. The magi retreat back to Cruentis Petram to discuss their next plans.

At the end of the season, the changes to the final golden tablet are completed.

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