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Season Autumn
Founded 978
Magi 10
Aura Magical

Estancia-es-Karida is built around the remains of a Roman villa, overlooking a valley of olive groves and grape vines. There is a small village in the valley which is associated with the covenant.

The magi here are a mix of Christians and Muslims, and is focused on merging Arabic sufism and Latin Hermetic magic. They are against the Reconquista, but being pacifists can do little about it directly.


Terah ex Jerbiton

Terah is the head magus of the covenant, though the Criamon clutch here pretty much do their own thing.

Alarcon ex Criamon

Alvar Dawla ex Criamon

Alva Dawla leads the Criamon magi here. He has an affinity with ghosts and spirits, and is also known for his divination abilities. It is rumoured that Alva Dawla is dead, and that it is only his ghost that is available here. Even if not true, he is very close to final Twilight.

ibn-Hudhayl ex Criamon

ibn-Hudhayl is a magus in his 70s who has specialised in astrology and mathematics, including geomancy. After his gauntlet, his master Hudhayl of The Pyramids in Levant set him a riddle which would provide him his name, and he has yet to answer it to his own satisfaction.

Ishuah ex Miscellanea

Adaiah ex Miscellanea

Terril Adan ex Miscellanea

The maga Terril Adan is in her sixties, though has an apparent age of around 45. She is a specialist in Auram and Terram magics, notably knowing many spells to do with the desert. She is probably the most aggressive of the magi at Estancia-es-Karida, and also the only maga.

Ravas Jugat ex Miscellanea


Isalinad a'Fatihal

Isalinad is the autocrat of the covenant, and manages the day to day affairs of the covenfolk, supporting the magi and the information networks of Estancia-es-Karida (which are quite extensive). She is charming and courteous, but also incredibly skilled at what she does. Many people who do not know her underestimate her.


Yusuf Abdul-Qadir

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