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Lifa was born in 1200 in York. Her father was unknown, and her mother died in childbirth. She was taken in by the convent at Nun Appleton. During the The Long Day in 1216, she was on the road and her wagon was attacked by unnatural beasts. Her companions were killed, she was raped. Her attacker left her with crucifix like burns on her wrists, from its talons.

Eira was born 9 months later. She was a quick witted and precocious girl, who lived with her mother until they were rescued by the magi from an attack by demons. During the fight, her mother was killed, but Eira healed her with a Divine miracle.

They were taken to the covenant where Jeremiah proclaimed her as being the Second Coming.

In the Spring of 1226, Eira murdered Jeremiah and was taken by the custos Drogo away from the covenant. They have not been seen since. This event seemed to cause the Rain of Blood.

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