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Lusi Ludadagini

Vilani, male, 30.

Lusi comes across as an insufferable complainer. He's served his terms in the army, and has seen the horrors of war, but it soon becomes apparent that he was always like this. He doesn't care about anyone other than himself, and he isn't always very good at hiding it.

Lusi Ludadagini is the son of a minor noble from the world of MacDermont (Trojan Reach, 2801). He was hoping to be able to get away with an easy life, but his parents refused to fund his lifestyle, so he ended up joining the army as a bluff to get them to reconsider. They didn't.

He joined the support arm, managing to get a cushy job as a cook about a small frigate. Unfortunately, the frigate was captured by pirates and he was taken prisoner, spending six months on a pirate ship as their hostage. He managed to persuade them to keep him alive, and was eventually released.

He was hoping that this experience would allow him to leave the army and take up a safer life, but that was not to be, and ended up on the front lines in some minor planetary war, where he learned to fix vehicles and patch his friends together.

After over six years of fighting countless nameless skirmishes, he stepped on a landmine which fortunately for him only partially detonated. He spent the next two years in and out of hospitals having his limbs regrown until he was discharged.

He now doesn't know what to do with himself. He's seen the horrors of war, which has forced him to grow up a bit, but still feels that he shouldn't have to work anymore. He's not sure what to do with himself now, except to try and find a paying job where he can get away with doing nothing.



Careers: Noble (failed to quality), Draft: Army (Support) x 3

  • Athletics 0
  • Art 0
  • Carouse 1
  • Deception 0
  • Drive 0
  • Electronics (Comms) 1
  • Gun Combat (Slug) 1
  • Heavy Weapons 0
  • Mechanic 1
  • Medic 1
  • Melee 0
  • Recon 1
  • Vacc Suit 0


Rank: 2 (Corporal)

  • Weapon
  • Armour
  • Combat Implant

Build Notes

Draft, Army (Support), age 18
  • Failed to get into the nobility, so went for the draft and got the army.
  • Gambler
  • Life event of being kidnapped by pirates (Deception 1)
  • Promoted
Army (Support), age 22
  • Mechanic
  • Event: Medic (buddies keep on getting injured), gain Medic 1
  • Promoted
Army (Support), age 26
  • Electronics (Comms)
  • Mishap: Injured (1), but is fully healed.
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