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A selection of Traveller characters rolled with the Mongoose 2nd Edition rules, started as part of the character a day challenge. They're probably going to be used as potential NPCs in my campaigns.

  • Rolling stats 2d6 in order, so there's a big range of character competence.
  • All other results taken as rolled.
  • I'm using some of the pre-career options and careers from the Traveller Companion
  • I'm also using the career event tables from the D66 Compendium 2, just to spice things up.
  • Using the Aliens of Chartered Space supplements for non-humans.
  • I'm using for the portraits, which is great for humans, less so for non-humans.
D66 Characters
11 Akurla Akhar, Discredited journalist looking for people to sponge off.
12 Count Balir Biiguush Balhaka, noble playboy turned politician looking for a cause.
13 Clara Colbear, scavenger and owner of a ship looking for a crew.
14 Captain Dikiishgu Duzik, engineering officer of the Imperium navy.
15 Everilda Erato, confidence trickster looking for men willing to pay for her lifestyle.
16 Fernando Fabian, a lifetime thief who is trying to leave his past behind him.
21 Dr Grace Gardner, a medical doctor with a lab ship and a desire for exploration.
22 Htoalhfua, Aslan outcast, outlaw and drifter now trying to get away from his people in the Trojan Reach.
23 Ishza Irulash, a journalist who does a well known holovid series on crime and other dark sides of Imperium society.
24 Jacob Jacob, a scout who grew up on a low tech world and has spent most of his years exploring the Trojan Reach.
25 Kathy Kiggisu, a fixer who does a little bit of everything, and has her own Free Trader.
26 Lusi Ludadagini, a noble brat who was drafted into the army and forced into the horrors of war. Unfortunately he hasn't learned to care about anyone other than himself.
31 Michelle Mandeville, a Truther who claims that the Imperium is a lie. She tours the Island Cluster with a worryingly large following.
32 Nigel Nikateema, an artist, one of the most famous in the Islands, known for his stark city scapes and neon nightlife.
33 Okhegn, a Vargr that was always the pack runt. She is weak and still hurts from injuries suffered in her youth, but she is determined.
34 Paul Peterson, a young ex-Cop who grew disillusioned with the force after almost being killed. He now exists on the edge of legal society.
35 Quilla Quartermaine, works as an enforcer for a criminal gang on Colchis. Has both law enforcement and military backgrounds.
36 Ronald Reed, is part of the crew of the ship Electric Blue, ferrying passengers around the Islands in comfort. Just don't look too deeply at his past.
41 Samzam Shalaja, is a famous singer known for her scandalous outfits and lack of skill. What most people don't realise is that most of her shows have a hidden agenda.
42 Tony Turner, an ex-scout missing a whole chunk of his memory. Turned to the corporate world and is now a computer expert.
43 Ushle Ujarii, A telepath, who had spent most of her adult life surviving on the streets and starports of the Trojan Reach.
44 Valkentana Vidar, a drifter who originally came from a rich family and can sometimes still play that role. Most of the time he's struggling to survive on the streets though.
45 Willa Weber, worked in corporate intelligence for an arms manufacturer until she got caught up in a dodgy arms deal gone wrong. After her body was regrown, she has gone independent.
46 Xander Xenakis, a psychopath that found himself in a management position at Ling-Standard Products, where we made lots of enemies. Has a gambling problem, as well as breathing difficulties.
51 Yasmeen Young, an enforcer who works for gangs in the streets of New Colchis. She likes fast cars and hitting people in the face.
52 Zachary Zelly, a noble forced out of the diplomatic core because he discovered that he had a conscience. Now he needs to decide what he's going to do with it.
53 Octavia Odena, trained in the infantry she was driven out of the service and is now a mercenary looking for reasons to shoot people and blow things up.
54 Henry Hayes, a retired star marine, he has a wide range of experience with boarding actions and close quarters combat. Now settled down for an easy life, he's likely to get bored.
55 Sila Rusasu, a skilled administrator who learned to manipulate those around her to do what she wanted, despite not actually having any authority to do so.
56 Digarikha Maleka, a back street cybernetics surgeon who came up from the gutter. He now has a ship of his own, but no idea of how to fly it.
61 Daslija Niaghuvi, ex-military now retired, she was a capable soldier in her prime, but is now suffering the aches and pains of age.
62 Oudri Kugudila, veteran of the merchant marines, he's retired to captain his own starship along the border of Tobia sub-sector.
63 Thutrisha Oastrifreok, a self-made noblewoman who has charmed, conned and stolen her way to the top. She may now be looking to help others do the same.
64 Dulaku Makukuu, a scholar who works on jump physics and engineering. After his research was destroyed by rivals, is now looking for a new research project.
65 Umne Shiipuna, a retired law enforcement officer who has a habit of diving into things without thinking.
66 Ika Kalim, discharged from the army and then became a pirate with a reputation for cold blooded murder and hot headed actions.
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