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Besancon 1526

There are military ships in orbit here from several worlds, all keeping a respectful distance from each other. Messengers for hire.

Single town, pop 6,000. Vacuum world, with ice caps. Gravity light. Very liberal government. 400Cr berth costs

People mostly working in starport or related industry.


K0 V Dwarf and a M3 V Dwarf, separated by 150 AU.

K0 V

  • I - 0.5 AU - Hot Jovian
  • II - 1.4 AU - Arean - highly radioactive and poisonous dust.
  • III - 1.9 AU - Besancon
  • IV - 3.5 AU - Small Jovian
  • V - 8 AU - Rocky dead world
  • VI - 12 AU - Rocky/Ice world
  • VII - 20 AU - Ice Giant

There is a small New Colchis Navy outpost on V, which gives them oversight of the inner system, but has no refuelling resources, instead using IV for refuelling.

Joyeuse keeps a carrier and several fast frigates in orbit around VI, and has a small refuelling station for its use only. This effectively gives it control of the outer system, and it is said that they closely monitor all traffic that goes through Besancon.

M3 V

  • I - 0.3 AU - Cytherian
  • II - 0.6 AU - Ice Ball
  • III - 3 AU - Ice Giant

This is a scientific outpost on II, a world affectionately known as Paradise. It's purpose is shrouded in secrecy, and it's actual ownership isn't clear, though it's thought that the outpost is funded from the Imperium and that dangerous biomedical research is carried out here.

There is a single destroyer parked here.


Besancon is a J-3 jump from Joyeuse 1729, and J-2 from New Colchis 1327, so both nations find it a useful link to the rest of the Islands.

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