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By command of King Henry, Trial by Ordeal is abolished in England.

The building of the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary begins near Old Sarum. The location was chosen by the Bishop of Old Sarum, who shot an arrow which hit a deer. Where the deer died was selected as the place to begin building.


The Mongols, led by Genghis Khan, overrun the borders of eastern Persia, causing much evil. They destroy cities and mosques wherever they find them, and slay men either in war or afterwards after taking their surrender.

The Archbishop of York, Walter de Gray, begins the construction of a new structure to the Cathedral, in order so that it compares with the Cathedral of Canterbury.

In London, much rebuilding is begun to repair the damage caused during the rebellion.

At the Battle of Lihula, the Estonians defeat the invading Swedes. The Swedes had taken the castle of Lihula earlier in the year, but in August the Estonians besiege it, setting it on fire and killing most of the Swedes inside.

There is no Tribunal in Loch Leglean this year. Few of the Scottish magi are willing to travel, and there is too much disorganisation amongst the covenants for someone to be willing to organise one.


The Quaesitor Fredegisa at Schola Pythagoranis in Stonehenge declares that the next Tribunal will be held at Voluntas Covenant, and that the first order of business will be to delare Corvus ex Bjornaer as Praeco. The declaration is backed by the covenants of Cruentis Petram, Voluntas, Cad Gadu, Nigrasaxa and Libellus. It is due to be held in the summer.

The marriage of Henry III’s eldest sister Joan and Alexander II of Scotland is arranged for the following summer, as part of a peace agreement between the two Kingdoms.


The Order of Preachers, which was founded by St Dominic is given official approval by Pope Honorius III as a religious order of the Church.

The Flambeau Lucius and Lucretia turn up at the covenant of Schola Pythagoranis, and request that Quaesitor Fredegisa declares that the magus Wulfson ex Bjornaer is a renegade and can be marched for his interference with mundanes. She agrees to put the matter before the next Tribunal. The two flambeau claim that they seek out magi who bring dishonour to the Order. Lucretia is a cold hearted maga with no love of the finer things in life.

The Redcaps of Stonehenge have been delivering the news to all the covenants of that Tribunal that the next Tribunal meeting shall be held at Voluntas covenant in the Summer of 1222, rather than at Blackthorn. This is likely to upset Ainya ex Merinita of Blackthorn, who likes to think that the Tribunal is her own plaything and expects everyone to do her bidding.

Quaesitor Proctor ex Guernicus of Confluensis covenant in Normandy sends warning to the covenants of Stonehenge that the magus Enkidu ex Tytalus has been suspected of diabolism, but he fled before he could answer those charges and he is therefore to be presumed guilty. He is believed to have gone to Stonehenge. None shall give him aid, but he is to be returned to Confluensis to answer the charges against him, or killed.

Two Flambeau turn up at Schola Pythagoranis requesting of the Quaesitor there that the magus Wulfson ex Bjornaer is marched for interfering with mundanes. They are Lucius and Lucretia, and claim that they seek out magi who bring dishonour to the Order. Quaesitor Fredegisa agrees to put the matter before the next Tribunal.

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