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Neubayern 1822

Neubayern is a world of grand architecture, a liberal society and harsh laws with a strong concept of state and society but very little thought towards privacy. The state draws a harsh line when it comes to those who try to take advantage of their freedoms to harm others or damage the state, and its police forces are well funded and not very gentle. And that is how Neubayerns like it.

Eu Gaian world (wiki) (map)
Diameter: 11,200km (density 5.9)
Gravity: 94%
Day Length: 26h 41m
Orbit: 140MKm (II)
Atmosphere: Dense (135%)
Hydrographics: 80%

It has a single moon (Selenian) called Pagan, diameter 1,800km at a distance of 320,000km.

Port/TL: A/12
Population: 3 billion
Government: Charismatic Oligarchy
Law Level: 9 (Possession of weapons outside the home prohibited)
Language: Island German / Anglic


There is a single G0 V star here.

Orbit Distance Type Description
I 81Mkm Hermian Barren world. Scientific research and deep military installation.
II 163Mkm Eu Gaian Neubayern, main world.
Belt/A 270Mkm Asteroid Belt Stretches from ~200Mkm to ~340Mkm
III 300Mkm Selenian Small rocky world 3,400km in diameter, a small military outpost.
IV 5AU Gelidian Rock-Ice world, 5,000km in diameter. Military outpost.
V 13AU Gelidian Rock-Ice world, 4,200km in diameter. Military outpost.
VI 27AU Stygian Icy world, 2,700km in diameter. Minor sensor post.


Starport: A
Berthing Cost: Cr3,000/week downport, Cr2,000/week highport
Fuel Cost: Refined, Cr500/t
Ship Information: Admin 4+ (INT)
Contact Black Markets: Streetwise 10+ (INT, 1d6 days))
Access to Social Clubs: Streetwise 8+ (INT, 1d6x4 hours)

The world of Neubayern has a single ocean which stretches around the equator, leaving land masses on the north and south poles, and a smattering of large islands at lower latitudes. It is a cool world, though the temperature is moderated by the huge ocean.

Most of the three billion population can be found in the grand cities on the polar continents, for the equatorial islands are battered year round by hurricanes that continuously sweep in from the ocean. Over two thirds of the population live in the large coastal metropolises of the continent of Swabia in the south, built into deep valleys which are leftovers from a previous ice age.

The Neubayerns pride themselves on their architecture and engineering, both of which they practice on a large scale, combining them into their massive floating city blocks that circle around the more traditional ground based districts. These floating islands are the homes to the rich and wealthy, and also tend to house the universities and high tech commerce, leaving the ground to heavy industries and lower class residential.

The capital of New Berlin is a metropolis of 20 million people, with white painted brick buildings decorated with Gothic architecture and tall dark windows. The style is very different to that of places like New Colchis 1327 or Amondiage 2325. The architecture feels much more solid and low tech, which makes the floating city blocks all the more impressive.


Neubayern is a Charismatic Oligarchy, with governorship falling to the families directly descended from the original colonists. Officially, the Hoher Tisch, or High Table as it is called, consists of five individuals considered experts in their fields of expertise, voted on for 10 year terms by the various lesser governors of the world. Only members of the founding families are ever put forward though in elections, and it is rare for someone already a member of the High Table to be challenged if they stand for re-election, making the post effectively for life.


Neubayern has a highly educated populace, with a high proportion of science and engineering. They are loyal to the government, but also slightly fearful of it as well due to its high levels of loyalty enforcement.

Though light skin and fair hair is common, it is by no means exclusive, and there has been a lot of genetic mixing both prior to the launch of the van der Lubbe and after the arrival of all three generation ships in the Islands.

Religion is mixed, though generally has a light touch, especially in the south. About 40% of the population in the north consider themselves religious, mostly following the Church of the Exodus. In south, the proportion is closer to 20%.


Starport: C

The belt is a hive of mining activity, with a permanent population of around 200 million. Most of these are young workers who will stay for 5-10 years, then head back to Neubayern once they've earned enough money to buy property and start a family, but some are longtimers who plan to stay here their entire life.

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