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Imisaa 2916

A mostly airless, hot, desert world with a single sprawling city that goes down as well as out. Trade is the lifeblood of this world, and it wouldn't exist without it, but there are two sides to trade, and the darker side can be found in the lower levels of the city.

Eu Arean world (wiki) (map) (guide)
Diameter: 8,000km (density 3.5)
Gravity: 40%
Day Length: 21h 20m
Orbit: 1.2 AU (III)
Atmosphere: Very Thin (9%)
Hydrographics: Desert

Port/TL: B/7
Population: 100 million
Government: Civil Service Bureaucracy
Law Level: 7 (shotguns prohibited)


F8 V Dwarf (Primary)

Jump Mask: 1.1 AU.

Distance Type Description
I 0.2 AU Janian Tidally locked world with ice on one side and molten rock seas on the other.
II 0.5 AU Ferrinian Exposed core of a world, hot and barren.
III 1.2 AU EuArean Imisaa, main world.
Belt/A 1.5 AU Asteroid Belt Naval Base.
IV 4.2 AU Jovian Naval presence, closed to civilians.
V 9 AU Jovian Protected, alien species in gas clouds. No refuelling.
VI 23 AU Ice Giant Free for refuelling, risky.
VII 30 AU Stygian
VIII 45 AU Stygian
IX 70 AU Stygian

M5 V Dwarf (1,500 AU)

No planets.


Berthing Costs: Cr1,000 / week

The world is ruled by Governor Lynn Irkirin Mangilumar, who runs the starport and therefore the world. She is an employee of Ardasii Metals, but answers directly to Tobia. Ardasii Metals pays a hefty sum each year to Tobia for the privilege of managing Imisaa, but is able to take a cut of whatever profit it makes from its position on the trade route. It's a complicated arrangement, but it works well for both Tobia and Ardasii.

The atmosphere here is too thin to breathe, and a pressure suit is required when on the surface.


The central starport is a hive of activity, and though it only rates a 'B' classification, it is much larger than many 'A' class ports - it just lacks some of the ship repair and construction facilities that an 'A' classification requires. The further you go from the central trade hub though, the worse the conditions get. The world's wealth is entirely focused on producing more wealth, and the outer and lower parts of the city don't contribute much to that.


Along the central Grand Hall, it's obvious that this world has access to high tech, but doesn't master it. Shop fronts have physical signs, with basic lighting and music blaring out from bars and restaurants. Due to the lack of vehicles, bikes are common, and there are standard railed trains as mass transit.

The larger hotels or more exclusive shops have holographic signage, but it's relatively subdued.

Lots of people work with cash, with cash machines being common at the starport and a number of banks in the main streets.

Cybernetics is almost never seen in locals.


In the deeper depths of the city, where the air conditioning and cooling systems barely function, crime is rife and the official law rarely enforced.

The people here are generally unfriendly and suspicious, and are often unwilling to talk to strangers. Everyone is always figuring out how an interaction will either screw them over, or allow them to screw others over. Small family groups are trusted, and from this sprouts a network of trust that makes family relationships incredibly important to a functioning society. People here generally know how they're related to someone else, and if they don't, then the chances are that person can't be trusted.

Most people are pale skinned, and red-heads are common (about 10% of the population has some form of red hair). About three quarters of the population have tattoos, about half of those quite extensively. These can be family markings, location markings or art. Multi-coloured full body tattoos are considered high art, and the wearing of minimal clothing to show them off is an accepted practice. Standard clothing is quite simple, but brightly coloured scarves, headscarves and shawls are common amongst both men and women.


There are several major gangs based at Imisaa, five of them local to the world and two off-world.

  • Broken Arrows - Weapon smuggling is their main source of revenue. They have a front here for buying stuff from the Aslan and Imperials. Other than that, they don't have much influence here.
  • Red Jacks - Influence on a few worlds along the border, touch several unsavoury aspects of black markets including drug running, slavery, kidnapping and extortion.
  • Gen Dokka - Based out of one of the lower districts in Imisaa. Drug runners, crazies, ultra-violent and untrustworthy. Mostly interested in local territory.
  • Silver Blades - Territory gang, no particular specialities.
  • Tunnel Rats - Thieves, beggars, information brokers. A lot of access to the starport, good for information.
  • Feathered Ladies - Sex workers, mostly female but not entirely. All heavily tattooed with bird motifs.
  • Uglies - Street gang noted for facial scarring. Have control over an entire district. Nothing happens there without their say so.


Imisaa is often the last J-2 stop before travelling to Fist 2918, and so it takes a good cut of the trade that goes through here out across the border.

There used to be a trade in fine gemstones, but that has mostly dried up. There are settlements out in the wilderness, but they are ghost towns - either completely deserted or home to a handful of people.

There is an Imperial navy base in the asteroid belt of the system, with repair yards and refuelling stations. Part of Ardasii's contract with Tobia is to provide engineering aid to the Naval base, and so far it's kept up its side of the bargain. This also means that there's often a surplus of engineers and mechanics who have time to service any civilian ships that come through in need of aid (and who are able to pay).

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