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As reported by Justinia ex Mercere

The Brothers of the Sword conquer the Latgalians, taking the city of Tartu and defeating the Russians there. There is talk that they will be ready to push north to the coast before the end of the year, since all resistance in Estonia has crumbled.

Great storms have hit the western coast of Hibernia, and strange cries have been heard on the wind, sometimes carrying far inland. The covenant of World’s End has investigated but found nothing.

The Holy Roman Empire has invaded the Kingdom of Poland, crushing all who oppose it. The invasion has been decried by Pope Honorius III, who has excommunicated Otto IV and all those that march under his banner. In answer, Otto has created the Dominion of the Holy Roman Empire as a Church separate from Rome, with himself as both Pope and Emperor.

A huge bird has been seen flying around the Dales. Peasants have claimed that it has stolen several sheep and cows from farms, and witnesses report that it is larger than a barn, with red and yellow feathers and huge black talons.

Tara the Green Haired of Loch Hourn covenant is willing to trade tractatus of each technique for similar tractatus.

Jarl Ulkrith has been granted full autonomous control of Norway by the Snow Queen of Iceland. The last resistance to his rule was crushed over winter, and he has forced the majority of land owners to pay him fealty. He is an outsider, and it is not known from where he comes since he has a strange skin and unknown voice, though it is said that he is from the Western lands beyond Greenland.

Fearghus Mac Mungan ex Miscellanea of Mac Gruagach covenant has given Cruentis Petram a rook of Vim vis in gratitude for being granted access to the dragon Arisha.


As reported by Heward Longstrider ex Mercere

The University of Naples has been founded by Frederick II, King of Sicily, Italy and Burgandy. It is to be funded by the King, in order to provide professionals to aid the King in the running of his kingdoms.

Henry III of England has claimed control of many castles which previously belonged to Barons, notably foreigners and others whom he did not trust. Fawkes de Breaute refused to relinquish his holdings, and has rebelled. His castle at Bedford is currently beseiged by the forces of King Henry, led by Stephen Langton.

There was a failed coup against the King of France. It is believed that a number of soldiers tried to assassinate him, but they were slain by those loyal to the King. It is not certain who was behind the attacks, but the Redcap Marcus of Paris claims there was demonic involvement.

The covenant of Relantalli in Rome is rumoured to be on the verge of announcing a major discovery. An item has fallen into the hands of the Tytalus of that covenant, and they are refusing to give details. However, they were unable to avoid giving hints in order to bolster their status.

Abu Muhammad al-Wahid was made caliph of the Almohad Empire earlier in the year, but two competing nobles have claimed the title, destabilising the Muslims in Iberia. This has greatly helped Ferdinand III of Castile who is attempting to drive the Muslims from Iberia.

Eutropia ex Bonisagus of Montverte covenant in Normandy has put out a request for tractatus on Ignem, Auram, Terram and Aquam. For two good quality tractatus on each, she will provide one of her summae on any one of those arts.


As reported by Sachsenross ex Mercere

A horde of undead have assaulted a village outside of London. The magi of Schola Pythagoranis have dealt with the problem, though are still looking for the cause of the horde.

William de Breatue, brother to Falkes, has been defeated at Bedford with the aid of God who answered the prayers of the royalists to place a slumber upon the defenders. William was hung for his treachery and Falkes de Breaute has been exiled to France.

Several magi have joined Cad Gadu, including the elder magus Oberon ex Miscellanea, a necromancer from the Novgorod Tribunal. It was not clear what their plans were, but they seem to be planning on staying permanently, and had brought many supplies with them.

The Mercer House of Dragon’s Rest covenant in Normandy have reported witnessing an epic battle between what looked like a large demonic creature of fire and a shining white angelic creature with silver wings. The battle was about a mile from the covenant, and the ending of the battle was lost to rising mist.

A giant man was seen striding amongst the clouds during a great storm down near Leeds. He was described as being as tall as a church, and threw lightning from a giant hammer.

Nigrasaxa Covenant have complained that the magi of Waddenzee have raided some of their coastal vis resources, and caused trouble amongst the villages there. Such actions may have also attracted the attention of the English Crown.

St Francis of Assisi while praying at the mountain of Verna during a 40 day fast, is said to have had a vision of a six winged angel on a cross. Wounds opened in his palms, feet and side, in the manner of our Christ upon the cross.


As reported by Joan of Leeds ex Mercere

The Teutonic Knights have been expelled from the Hungarian county of Transylvania by King Andrew II, after they tried to gain the Pope’s blessing in separating the county from the Kingdom, and bringing it under Papal rule.

Einar ex Miscellanea of Nordsjoen covenant in Loch Leglean is seeking advice from the Order on how to respond to activities of certain forces in Ultima Thule. He has sent out a letter to all Quaesitors of the Order for discussion.

Cad Gadu has declared that Oberon ex Miscellanea is now both the head of the covenant, and the Prima of House ex Miscellanea. The previous Prima, Ebroin, has stepped aside and declared his support for Oberon.

Dublin has been raided by ships from Iceland, bearing a white symbol of six arms each with three branches on a black sail. They destroyed the ships there, burnt houses and made off with food, gold and women. It is said that their leader was a giant of a man, who could not be slain by arrow or sword.

Lucidia ex Flambeau of Libellus covenant has announced that she will be taking on her Gifted daughter as an apprentice. The father is Justin ex Tremere, also at Libellus. Not all progeny of two magi are Gifted, but many are, and Stephen Eruditus ex Jerbiton is encouraging two other young magi of that covenant to experiment further. I think it would be a good thing if more maga were willing to bear children.

Tisiphone ex Tytalus of Atsingani covenant in Normandy claims to have been assaulted by demons whilst in the middle of a Leap of Homecoming from Rouen to her sanctum, being pulled out of her journey into an Infernal regio near Orleans. Both the Quaesitors and House Bonisagus have shown interest in investigating how it could have happened.

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